Skeptic to Success: Why People Are Raving About The South Beach Diet

Cutting calories can seem like an easy way to lose weight, but there's a much more science-based method out there to help you achieve your goals. By just cutting your caloric intake, you risk sending your body into starvation mode. Your body's smart, so it's going to pack on every pound to keep you from losing too much fat and tell your brain that you're hungry for not-so-great-for-you foods to make up the difference. So in other words, if your body was starving all day, you might end up binging on pizza, fries and ice cream at night. And realistically speaking, these diets fail.

By implementing a high-protein, low-carb diet, you can turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Most importantly, you don't have to feel starved and unsatisfied—which is often what leads to sabotaging your success. South Beach, the scientifically designed weight loss plan with easy, pre-made food options, resets your body for full weight loss optimization. Here's how it works. In phase one, you restrict carbs and add in lean meats, lean protein and healthy fats. This lowers your blood sugar, switches your body to burning fat over muscle and nourishes your body so it doesn't crave salts and sweets. You stick to the pre-made meals along with a few DIY meals, so you won't be tempted to cheat, and you'll lose weight fast in this phase.

In phase two, you can start adding back in some good carbs and whole grain breads and achieve the steady weight loss you can stick to. Phase three is to incorporate South Beach Diet's eating philosophy fully into your lifestyle, so you can maintain your new eating habits and weight based on the tools you learned. You train your body to burn fat for fuel and your mind to crave healthy foods, so when you start making your own meals full time, you know exactly what to eat thanks to the South Beach® Diet principles you've learned throughout your weight loss journey.

Former skeptics are raving about how committing to the South Beach Diet changed their bodies and their lives—yes, it feels great to fit into those old jeans, but a healthy body and much-deserved confidence feels even better. People are getting into the best shape of their life and loving every minute of it.

See why South Beach is the plan that does what other diets can't.

"I am so grateful"

"I love living my life like this! The food keeps me healthy, strong and confident...which allows me to test my limits in life and enables me to fully enjoy all of the adventures life brings. Mountain biking with my hubby has been a highlight of my life..I left a lot of skin on that mountain but had the time of my life. Thank you South Beach Diet for giving me the tools to live the best life possible! I am so grateful." -- Krista K.

"I feel healthier than ever"

"My health journey has been a long one full of ups and downs and South Beach Diet has been an important part of that journey. Today, I feel healthier than ever, and I am so grateful for the changes in my new lifestyle!" -- Asia S.

"I'm the best version of myself"

"I'm thankful to South Beach Diet for helping me become the best version of myself." -- Tyler R.

"Delish and Satisfying"

"Grateful for my South Beach Diet meals that I can make on the go before a gig! They are a delish & satisfying part of my food for the day. The home-style chicken and brown rice is one of my faves - takes five minutes to make and I'm out the door feeling good!" -- Brandi G.

"I'm motivated to keep it up"

"After my 30lb. weight loss, my husband and I celebrated my new body in Hawaii. Being able to look back and share my successes keeps me motivated to keep it up!" -- Anh N.

If you're not confident in your body and want to make a change, you can get the confidence that comes with being in the best shape of your life with South Beach. By reducing your carb intake in a meaningful way and upping your healthy fats and proteins, South Beach puts science on your side to optimize your weight loss journey.

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