Perks of being a bald man

There are many men who truly dread the prospect of one day becoming bald. They look at the rapidly receding hairlines and bald spots on the heads of their fathers and grandfathers before them and wonder when the hair on their heads will vanish too.

Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and plastic surgeons constantly remind the fellas that they don't have to lose their hair if they don't want to, and with unnatural mechanisms to make it grow back or replace it, baldness doesn't have to be.

Toupees, comb-overs, and baseball caps are fine for the time being (well at least the baseball caps are), but why hide what can actually be beautiful? Baldness is more stylish than ever, with some fellas opting to shave their heads clean even if they're not yet bald in order to take control over their own follicular future.

Just look at celeb cuties like Jason Statham, LL Cool J, Vin Diesel, and Tyrese Gibson. The clean look is in… just ask Mr. Clean himself - he's been bald ever since he's been on the scene, and if you saw that recent Super Bowl commercial, the housekeeping hottie is using his sleek skull to his full advantage.

Aside from the newly accepted standard that bald is beautiful, there are some other notable perks of baldness according to Business Insider, which reports on a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania that suggests bald men "look more successful, intelligent, and masculine." Good news for chrome domes, not so encouraging for Fabio.

The subjects in the study were shown photos of men with full heads of hair and then the very same men with their heads shaved. As per the study, "The subjects reported that they thought the bald men were more dominant, bigger and stronger." Bald men are seen by women as smarter too. That said, they had to be completely bald – no receding hairlines or bald spots made the cut for the positive reviews.

So for all those men perfecting their manes with gels, mousses, and putties, stop wasting your money at the salon and go hairless. Not only will you save time and cash, but the way the world sees you will change for the better.

Just remember the sunscreen… a blistered baldy would be a hair-raising sight!

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