The Witchcraft Style for Your Personality Type: A Definitive Guide

Have you ever wondered what type of witch you'd be based on your personality?

Look no further: Trueself has compiled a list of witch personality types, based on extensive research in the realms of astrology, tarot, the enneagram test, and the Myers Briggs Personality Type.

In recent years, these kinds of personality types have become extraordinarily popular and have coincided with a resurgence in pagan faiths and an interest in occultism. Perhaps these things are replacing religion, providing meaning and spiritual connection for a generation disillusioned with organized faiths. Perhaps, like constellations, they help us find connections and synchronicity in a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented.

Like every list of names that attempts to divide the complexity of the human personality into clear archetypes, this list is by no means definitive. You may relate to many of these types at once, or find that parts of these descriptions are true while others are false for you. Regardless, we hope that whichever description you relate to the most might inspire you to reflect on hitherto unexamined aspects of your own self and may even inspire you to use a little magic in your own life, whatever that means to you.

Please note that these archetypes do not correlate with or exist in Pagan or Wiccan faiths.


Weather Witch: The Summoner

As a weather witch, you'll prefer to analyze and maintain an objective view of the world around you, but you may find that desire in conflict with your internal emotional vicissitudes. While not quite as final-product-focused as a blood witch, you're highly committed to your work and can often be extremely prolific and detail-oriented. You're also conscious of the world around you and are very aware of others, though you may not enjoy social interactions as much as you'd like.

Internally, you can be volatile and aggressive towards yourself. Typically you'll restrain from channeling that aggression at people, though sometimes you may be overtaken by flashes of emotion. At your best, you'll be able to harness your internal weather into power. Routines are important to you, and you might benefit from lists, habit-building, and maintaining a regular schedule.

On the magical plane, you're capable of controlling the weather, which means you can summon hurricanes, strong winds, and rain. You'll also have sovereignty over the movements of the planets, particularly the sun and moon, and can control the color of the sky and the tides.

On the earthly plane, you're an excellent designer, curator, or critic. Your sensibility about colors, palates, and aesthetics makes you a natural at digital technologies. Because you've spent so much of your life trying to curate the duality within yourself, you're excellent at figuring out the puzzle pieces of your wider reality and managing your external ecosystems.

Astrological Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn

Enneagram: 5, 6

Personality Type: Chaotic

Tarot Cards: The Hanged Man, The Moon, Suit of Cups

Element: Water

Personality Type:

Myers Briggs: INTJ, ISTP, ESTP

Plant Witch: The Grower

As a plant witch, you'll feel a particular connection to nature or to small, voiceless things. A born grower and nurturer, you're at your best when helping other people heal or find their own path. You don't look for end points; instead, you're invested in the journey all the way through, and you're best when you find a rhythm in your life and create a space where you can interact with animals and the earth. You may be a vegan or vegetarian, or perhaps are the kind of person who saves bugs' lives.

Internally, you exist in a natural state of equilibrium, but since you're attuned to others' suffering and the suffering of the Earth, you might find you feel a particular pain in this day and age. You also understand that everything exists in cycles, and you'll do best when focusing on small, individual contributions rather than getting bogged down with bigger-picture thoughts and theories. In a healthy state, you'll be drawn to kindness and are particularly compatible with minimalist and hedge witches. Though being a plant witch doesn't mean

On the magical plane, if you're interested in paganism, you might find alignment with faery witches or spells that allow you to connect with nature. You'll be drawn to crystals and herbs and will feel a special connection to flowers. When activated, you'll be able to perform healing spells.

On the earthly plane, you'll be an excellent therapist, doctor, social worker, archivist, or teacher. You'll also be committed to social activism and won't feel fulfilled without volunteering and contributing to causes larger than yourself. Family is important to you, but so is alone time spent in nature. You'll enjoy activities like gardening, cooking, and community events.

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo

Enneagram: 2, 7

Personality Type: Neutral

Tarot Cards: The World, Temperance, The Magician, Suit of Pentacles

Element: Earth

Myers Briggs: ESTJ, ISFJ


Blood Witch: The Destroyer

Tenacious, fearless, and relentless when it comes to getting what you want, blood witches are powerful in the realm of politics, commerce, law, and the entertainment industry. Drawn to the death tarot card, you believe in burning bridges to achieve your goals. You'll often be more career-oriented than people-focused. You strongly value others' time and respect, and you expect that they'll do the same for you. At your strongest, you're unafraid to ask what you want; if you don't speak your mind, it'll burn a hole in your chest.

As a blood witch, your powers are activated when you face adversity, so you'll often find yourself drawn to situations that challenge you and people that inspire you to better yourself or make changes. Conversely, you may highly value your routine or personal space. You're especially compatible with plant witches, but may find conflict with dreamier and more carefree hedge witches as well as more control-oriented minimalist witches. You may need artistic and physical outlets to release your pent-up tension.

Magically, you'll be drawn to candles. At full power, you'll have command over fire and temperature. You'll also be a natural at weaponry, hexes, and curses, and you'll have the power to fly.

On Earth, you'll often be charismatic and energetic, capable of getting others to listen to you if you harness your energy right. Your self-perception is often inextricable from your internal actions and career successes, which can be a good or bad thing.

Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Aries

Enneagram: 1, 3, 8

Personality Type: Lawful

Tarot Cards: The Empress, Death, The Chariot, The Tower, Suit of Wands

Element: Fire

Myers Briggs: ENFJ, ESFJ, ESFP, ENTJ

Matter Witch: The Neutralizer

As a matter witch, you're focused on physical objects and sensations. You might love designer brands and quality food, or perhaps your tastes aren't highbrow but you still appreciate life's finer things. Being focused on the material world, you may enjoy making presentations.

Out of all these types of witches, you're most focused on love, relationships, and sexuality and will be happiest when in a committed relationship. You'll also have a thriving social life and might enjoy parties, though you might also be a homebody who loves having people over at all times. You dislike conflict, preferring to surround yourself with people who are flexible and easygoing; and though you yourself might have a bit of temper, you rarely hold grudges.

If you resonate with the matter witch archetype, look into hearth magic and kitchen magic. You might also be interested in sacred rave magic and alcohol or weed-related spellwork. At full power, you'll be able to craft advanced spells and incantations, and you will have particular talent at love and money spells.

On Earth, you'll want to have a career that doesn't leach into your social life. Making time for family will be most important to you, but it's also important to you to be able to provide for the people around you. You might be a manager, chef, lawyer, or accountant, and though you might not love to work, you have a better time on weekends than any other type of witch.

Astrological Signs: Cancer

Enneagram: 6, 7

Personality Type: Lawful

Myers Briggs: ISFP, ESTP

Tarot Cards: The Lovers, The World, The Devil, The Sun, Suit of Pentacles

Element: Earth


Smoke Witch: The Transcender

Smoke witches are deeply spiritual and emotional. Deep and pensive, they can get caught in their own heads and imaginations, and this sometimes comes at the expense of their relationships. At best, a smoke witch will belong to a spiritual community and will develop consistent ways of honoring their need to connect with divine forces, either through art or other creative crafts.

A fully actualized smoke witch will have ways of remaining grounded and will surround themselves with people and activities that allow them to be their unfiltered selves. Smoke witches may deal with unhappiness due to their difficulty engaging with the physical world, and they might feel they belong to other times or places. It's important for smoke witches to prioritize the physical world around them in addition to their spiritual and emotional realms.

In terms of magic, smoke witches are natural psychics and astrologers. They work best at night and usually dislike mornings, and sometimes they're drawn to darker forms of magic such as nocturnal work. They are highly attuned to energies and will often entertain conspiracies or superstitions. Advanced smoke witches can see the future and the past, can speak to ghosts and spirits, can perform emotional spellwork, and may be drawn to black magicks.

On Earth, smoke witches are natural artists. They may struggle to finish projects and might need the help of deadlines to complete work, but they can also be aided by almost supernatural obsessiveness once they get into a project. They usually work best in solitude and at odd hours. They might be writers, philosophers, musicians, travelers, or spiritual healers.

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Enneagram: 4, 9

Personality Type: Neutral

Tarot Cards: The Fool, Wheel of Fortune, The Star, The Hermit, Suit of Swords

Element: Air

Myers Briggs: INFP, ENFP, INTP, ENTP

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