3 Ways To Kick Your Nightly Phone Habit

We all have a different bedtime routine but we all share the same trap: our cell phones. No matter how early we get into bed, once we decide to send one last text, check Instagram again, or simply allot 5 minutes to Twitter… it's over, and we're scrolling until the wee hours.

Not only do our phones distract us from getting a goodnight's rest, but they're affecting us physically as well. Research¹ has shown that the blue light from our screens actually suppresses melatonin, and when that's low in our bodies it can lead to insomnia and irritability. Phones mess with our sleep whether or not we want to admit it.

We're tired of being tired all the time, lying awake staring at the ceiling, and over-caffeinating throughout the day to make up for it. Our editors went out to find ways to break this bad phone habit and they did - in three ways to be exact. The surprising part is that all three involve Hatch Restore - a smart sleep assistant that's the combination of a sound machine and sunrise alarm.

So how is something made to wake you up, and help get you off your phone? Here are 3 ways we're quitting our nightly phone scroll with Hatch Restore.

1. Reading a book

A simple, classic solution but still we don't do it as often as we should. Just taking 15 minutes to read before closing your eyes is a great way to unwind but still entertaining. With Hatch, you can change the light to your preferred shade (daytime, nighttime, pastel colors, and more) for reading and set it on a timer.

This helps stop an equally dangerous reading binge from happening. Your Hatch will fade to whatever nightlight you prefer or turn off complete at the designated time. Giving yourself some bedtime structure will pay off so much in the morning and set you up for success the next day.

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2. Meditation

Hatch makes incorporating a meditation practice easy with their sounds library. Choose between sessions as quick as 4 min to as long as 45 min in guided meditations, breathing techniques, and visualizations.

Already have a relaxation technique that works for you? Take advantage of Hatch's sleep sounds, soundscapes, and white noise selections to add a soothing layer to your routine. Block out any street sounds and drift off more easily whether it's to the sound of Tibetan bells, rain on leaves, or even the glacier sounds in Iceland.

Plus, set a timer so that your preferred soundtrack ends in 20 minutes or plays through the night. Get access to their entire library with Hatch premium, which you get free for the first 6 months.

3. Simply, putting the phone down

The most straightforward solution … feels impossible. But when you use the Hatch Restore to implement nightly reading or meditations you're also going phone-free. These days everything is controlled by apps and with Hatch, you set your routine in the app but then control it directly on the device.

Set up your reading time, wind down, and your morning alarm - then put your phone down. To move between stages of your routine start by tapping the button on top of the Restore let it take it from there. Want to cut the reading short one night, just tap again and it will move to the next stage of your routine.

Stay phone-free through the morning and turn the Hatch alarm clock off by tapping the same button. No annoying, blaring alarm (unless you need that, they have it), or getting sucked into the Instagram scroll first thing. Set a wake-up routine with morning stretches or the sound of birds chirping, as the sunrise alarm brings you into the day, and do it all without constantly looking at your phone.

We're breaking up with our phones when it comes to our bedtime routine - it's just not healthy. Thankfully, Hatch Restore makes it easy and we're falling asleep so smoothly and waking up more refreshed.

It's time to put down the phone and start getting the better sleep that you deserve. Start sleeping better with Hatch Restore today!

¹ Cleveland Clinic. (n.d.). Put the Phone Away! 3 Reasons Why Looking at It Before Bed Is a Bad Habit. health.clevelandclinic.org. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/put-the-phone-away-3-reasons-why-looking-at-it-before-bed-is-a-bad-habit/.

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