I Tried Picnic This Summer, Here's How It Went

I've been suffering from allergies for as long as I can remember. Going outside to me means immediately sneezing three to seven times in a row!

Thankfully, I've found a routine that works okay for me. I've got a tally of everything I've tried from the drugstore, along with how well it worked, and even though nothing's worked amazingly for me, I know I'll eventually find something that does.

My friend and I usually commiserate over our red, itchy eyes, but one day I mentioned my struggles and she told me she'd found the perfect allergy med for her, thanks to Picnic. It's an allergy support system that takes you through a personalized funnel, so you can hopefully find the right product for your unique symptoms. Then, they offer those products on a subscription basis.

It sounded great, but I knew what was out there. Still, I checked it out anyway.

I really liked the website. You could jump right into the quiz or browse all the treatments they offer beforehand. There were some OTC products I'd tried, some I hadn't, and prescription options. I was definitely ready to find a solution that would consistently work for me!

Their quiz was pretty comprehensive; they asked about all of my symptoms, the severity, the seasonality, etc. They asked if I was interested in trying a nasal spray and eye drops - I can't believe I'd never thought to do that before. Why was I taking pills for a runny nose, when I could be more directly targeting the problem?

At the end of the quiz, they recommended their go-to nasal spray for me and eyedrops. Honestly, I was expecting to be sold on 17 different things, but two were manageable. For my first order, I'd get 50% off and free shipping, and if I subscribed for 3 months, I could have the discount that lasts 9 months! Some medications take time, so there are benefits to committing to a longer period of time upfront.

Personalized Treatment Packs
Get 50% off your first order

It would be so convenient - no doctor appointments, no trips to the drugstore…. I decided to try it. When you sign up, you also get access to speak to an allergy specialist if your options aren't working for you.

My order shipped quickly! I'd enlisted my roommate for nasal spray assistance, but the instructions were clear enough for me to brave it on my own. I didn't have any trouble and armed with my new allergy fighters, I had an amazing day!

On my way to work, I encountered it all; grass, pollen, pets, and more pollen, but with my new stuff, I wasn't as phased by it! I felt more relief than anything I'd tried before.

Why didn't I try a personalized allergy program sooner?! I'm recommending this service to literally everyone I know. If like me you suffer from allergies all the time, or even if it's not that bad, getting a personalized regimen is so much better than just grabbing something from the store.

Another thing: many times over the years, I've accidentally bought a drowsy medication that messed me up. I like that Picnic clearly labels its products as drowsy or non-drowsy, so you never make that mistake again.

There's so much trial and error with allergy meds, I like that Picnic is your guide to finding what works for you.

Your first order is 50% off, so try Picnic!

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