Are Podcasts Taking Over Music?

It seems like anyone with a following of 2,000+ people has a podcast. Give a person a platform and evidently, they’ll use it. For a while, I was anti-podcast – actually, up until last week I was anti-podcast.

Typically, I don’t focus well when I’m driving. TBH, I tend to dissociate until I arrive at my destination. I have to restart songs because I realize I didn’t hear a single note until it’s over. How am I supposed to listen to a podcaster drone on for an hour or more about one dull topic?

I also read books. I can go through four a week if I’m on a roll, and I often am. So I also don’t see a need to listen to someone tell me something I can easily read about. Spare me with the podcast recommendations.

My friends, however, are podcast fiends. It started with the rise of true crime podcasts like Serial by Sarah Keonig which followed the case of Adnan Syed in 2014, and My Favorite Murder beginning in 2016. People love true crime, as the burst of serial killer docu-series on just about every streaming service garner loads of attention.

No singular podcast has a monopoly on the market. In fact, there are probably thousands of options for just true crime podcasts alone. Crime Junkie became one of the most popular alongside Morbid.

And let us not forget the reign of Barstool podcasts. Just about every employee has a podcast dedicated to something different. Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper became a cult favorite, catapulting her into fame and a $60 million Spotify deal. BFFs, with TikTok’s Josh Richards and Barstool founder Dave Portnoy, is a staple for younger generations.

People are choosing podcasts over music on a daily basis. There are reportedly over two million podcasts worldwide available to listen to, and by 2024, there are estimated to be about 500 million listeners around the world tuning in.

I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t enjoy listening to people go into minute details on just about every topic. It is literally my job to follow pop culture, so why wouldn’t I listen to my favorite micro-celebs podcast on the matter?

I started with a podcast by my favorite Tiktoker, Fibula, called Brooke & Connor Make A Podcast. Together, Connor Wood and Brooke Averick talk about pop culture and share witty anecdotes about their experiences in the TikTok influencer world. This was my first inkling that maybe I don’t absolutely despise podcasts?

Pop culture podcasts like The Morning Toast and Deuxmoi’s Deux U and Deux Me After Dark talk about all the drama from Don’t Worry, Darling to Tom Brady’s divorce. Celebrities like Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert include interviews with other celebrities while professional athletes like Draymond Green talk basketball.

There are only a zillion options, so I quickly learned there is something for everyone. If I want to learn about each and every president, Very Presidential will tell me all about JFK’s scandals. If I want to hear juicy details on the Salem Witch Trials, head this way to Last Podcast On The Left.

@bffspod @joshpeck explains what happened between him and @drakebell ♬ original sound - BFFs Pod

Podcasts are also accessible to everyone. Most hosts film their podcast episodes so you can watch in real time on YouTube, and if you’re on the go, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Audible have about a trillion options.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that podcasts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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