How Lemonkind Helped Me Get Out Of My Post Maternity Slump

My baby Abigail is growing up way too fast; I can't believe she's already a year old! Every parent knows how manic the first year is. In the beginning, Abigail just wouldn't stay asleep for longer than one hour at a time. But now, she is finally sleeping through the night (well, most of the time), which means that I finally have some time to spend on myself as well as a bit more energy.

When I was breastfeeding, I was always worried about whether I was taking in enough nutrients to the point where I overdid it with the protein and healthy fats. Now that I'm done breastfeeding, I'm not using all those extra calories, yet I'm still in the bad habit of eating more than needed, and as a result, I don't totally feel my "best."

I decided it was time to make a change to my diet and help get out of this slump. I have a friend who gave birth just before I did and somehow seems back to her old self already. So, I asked her how she managed it. That's when she told me about the Lemonkind juice cleanse.

Juice cleanse?! No way I could ever do one of those - going from overeating to only drinking juice for days seemed impossible. After expressing my skepticism to my friend, she reassured me Lemonkind's juice cleanse is different then other cleanses, plus it is only 3 days. Most juice cleanses I'd heard about were, like, lemon and pepper water and a week long. So when I heard this, I decided I'd look into it.

While doing my research, I saw that Lemonkind is designed to reset your metabolism in just a few days. It gets rid of water weight, toxins and helps get your body used to eating portions that are right for you. This sounded like exactly what I needed to kick start my healthy eating.

Lemonkind offers a one or 3-day cleanse. Their juices are all made with powerful superfoods and antioxidants. Plus, they're vegan and free from allergens, gluten, GMO, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

While researching, I read that most other cleanses fail because our bodies compensate for hunger by increasing our insulin levels – causing that sugar craving. But Lemonkind's juices are designed to help your body maintain its equilibrium throughout the day - they contain only natural sugars to help your body keep going. Plus, they're all fresh-pressed and never made from concentrate. All this information made me realize that this was a juice cleanse that would sustain me.

When I saw that I would be drinking 8 juices a day (a juice every 2 hours) and they were 110-180 calories each, I realized it might not be as hard as I thought. They have a one-day cleanse for $49, and a 3 days cleanse at $139.99. I decided to bite the bullet and go with the 3-day cleanse, as that's the one my friend did.

Within a few days, my Lemonkindorder arrived on my doorstep. The juices come in shelf-stable pouches, so they don't need to be refrigerated until they're opened and that I thought was very convenient. It gave me peace of mind knowing that, if for some reason I could not finish them, I would not have wasted my money.

The first day went well. I woke up at 7 am and started with my first juice – Mango Peppermint Green Tea. I expected it to taste gross, but I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was! There's a good variety of flavors, so I wasn't left tasting the same thing repeatedly for 3 days straight. My favorite, by far, is the Aronia lemonade. Aronia berries contain a large amount of carotene and are known to be very high in antioxidants compared to other fruits.

For the next two days, I was so surprised that I didn't feel hungry at all and had energy and a clear head. Now that I'm finished the cleanse, I feel nourished and refreshed. I am experiencing mental clarity – something I hadn't had since before Abigail came along. I didn't even realize how foggy I had been until it went away.

I feel physically lighter, and my skin is glowing. After the boost in metabolism, this cleanse from Lemonkind has given me, I finally feel back in touch with my body and what it actually needs. Now, when I feel full, I stop eating. I can actually say I'm on my way to feeling like me again.

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