With Proactiv, Prevent Stress Acne at the Source

Like a lot of people that just start out in the workplace, I wanted to make a good impression right away. But when I started my first job as a paralegal, I was majorly stressing out. There was so much to do, and the pressure was quickly taking a toll, and it was showing on my face. I was tired, dehydrated, and majorly breaking out. My skin was irritated, I had stubborn pimples, and I felt as insecure as I did in high school. Stress made me break out more, and my breakouts made me stress more. It was an endless cycle. I needed an acne solution I could count on to get in the clear, fast. Then I would be able to boost my confidence and get back to work.

Pimples are the visible result of my stress, but I knew I needed to attack my skin problems from the source. Spot treatments I had used in the past only solved the problem temporarily. Knowing that Proactiv has been a trusted brand in skincare for decades, I decided to look into their 3-step system, Proactiv+, that was supposed to be its best product to date. I read on the site about how their Smart Target technology delivers powerful acne-fighting ingredients including benzoyl peroxide right to the pore. And the pore is where all the trouble starts, I learned.

I ordered the system and tried it out. I started with the exfoliator, which had microbeads and glycolic acid to clean out my pores. It made my skin feel refreshed and smoother already. Then, I followed with the pore-targeting treatment. While other medications irritated my skin, this one was gentle and went on smoothly. The final step was the hydrating treatment, which helped to even out my skin tone, reduce redness, and it made my skin feel soft and oil-free.

I kept using Proactiv+ and it was by far the most effective acne treatment I tried. The best part was that I had everything I needed in one, and didn't need to shop separately for a cleanser and moisturizer. I learned that taking care of my skin is more than just a one-and-done solution. These three steps helped reduce my acne for good, and now I feel more confident at the office, like I'm giving off the impression I've always wanted to.

When it comes to skincare, a temporary fix is not going to solve anything. You need to attack the pore at the source. Proactiv+ gives you the peace of mind that you're not just covering up, but you're healing in the process. And that's a huge stress-reliever.

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