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I can't be the only one feeling more anxious these days. The uncertainty of, well, pretty much everything in my daily life is starting to get to me and being cooped up in my home has my sleep pattern all over the place.

My friends can always tell when I'm like this - even on video call they could tell I wasn't my best! For the millionth time, they told me how I needed to try CBD since it helps them with so much, including anxiety. And for the millionth time, I told them it weirded me out, I'll stick to my yoga.

After the call, one of them sent me a link to a website called Prima and said, "This is the Hemp product that you need, trust me." Ugh, another CBD company! I clicked on the link thinking I could click straight out, but I didn't. The website was gorgeous, even scrolling down the homepage made me feel more relaxed.

I found myself spending ages on their website, since every question I had about CBD and their products were answered.

Here's what I found out about Prima and its natural CBD;

Will it get me high?

The first question I have about every Hemp or CBD labelled product, and the one my friends laugh at me the most for asking. In short: no.

None of Prima's topicals or ingestable's will get you high. When extracting and purifying their hemp they remove waxes, chlorophyll, pollutants and THC - the compound responsible for the high.

How thoroughly are their products tested?

Prima's hemp is the most tested product I have seen - it is tested 5 times during the harvesting, extracting, purification and manufacturing process. Prima ensures that their CBD is in its safest, cleanest, purest, and most efficacious form. They go above and beyond every guideline and regulation to ensure all of their products are the best on the market.

They source all their hemp from single origin seed grown on family farms in Oregon. Their extraction partner has over 30 years of experience, operates a state-of-the-art, licensed, FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in New England and they're experts in the supercritical CO2 extraction process. This extraction process never uses ethanol, steam, or hydrocarbon solvents and is the best technique as it's clean, targeted, and gentle. This is the real deal!

What kind of products do they have?

Prima is not your usual CBD company with a few products that are all the same. They have supplements that come in powder and capsule form as well as topical creams and serums for your face and body.

Their supplements include The Daily Essential Blend for Body & Mind which is CBD oil in capsule form along with their Rest Easy, Brain Fuel and The Go-To Elixir which are CBD Powder Blend stick packs. The products are categorized based on what you want to work on: stress, sleep, focus, recovery, or skin health, to make it easy to choose which one you need.

Their skincare range has three products; The Afterglow Deeply Restorative Cream for Youthful Radiance, Enlightenment Serum Concentrated Boost for Vital Hydration and Even Skin Tone, and the Night Magic Intensive Facial Oil for Hydration & Radiance.

Do their products work?

Yes, they did for me! I tried their Trifecta Beverage Infusion sample, which comes with two each of the 3 hemp powders: The Go-To, Brain Fuel, and Rest Easy. At the end of the week I was definitely sleeping better and I felt less stressed and more concentrated on my work. The reviews from their customers tell the same story.

Why Prima?

What led me to try Prima's CBD products was seeing how their products are backed by science, inspired and driven by both ancient holistic traditions and modern innovations from around the world, and doctor-formulated. They're also passionate about providing hemp/CBD products with ingredients that are clean, plant-based, and responsibly sourced with no fillers or petroleum derivatives.

Prima believes in the power of nature and focuses on overall wellness and how they can deliver health, happiness, and connectivity to all their customers through meaningful and purposeful products.

Their Hemp 101 articles helped me really understand how CBD can help me, benefit my overall wellbeing and help balance my endocannabinoid system.

I started with the Trifecta - they offer 2 of each of the 3 powders for just $18!. Now, I take the To-Go Elixir daily with my morning coffee and I have the Rest Easy Elixir for the nights I need a good sleep. So easy to use, add it to whatever you like to drink - coffee, water, nut milk or even your favorite juice to feel all the amazing benefits.

Ready to Be Your Best Self? You Have 30 Days to Try Prima & Fall in Love, or Send It Back- No Questions Asked! PLUS Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

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