Five types of classes you should take before you leave school

Most people choose to specify in a particular field — whether it be chemistry or post-modern literature, the job market today expects us to specialize. I mean, it makes sense. You would rather have someone working for you that's good at that one thing rather than mediocre at a bunch of subjects.

However, only learning about that one field can limit your scope in life — you develop a smaller perspective and a more narrow minded view. So, whether you're in college at the moment or thinking about going back to school, here are five unique types of classes that you should take.

1. Queer Theory

Michel Foucault and Jean Paul Sartre demonstrate in front of the entrance of factories Renault to protest against Pierre Overney's assassinationGetty Images

Even if you're not part of the LGBTQ community, queer theory and critique classes force you to think beyond the binary and outside of societal rules. The theorists you'll read about think of the world in a different way due to their position outside of society.

You'll also grasp a more concrete understanding of queer and trans people through the class and hopefully understand them more. And if all that hasn't convinced you, the readings are super interesting.

2. Performance Art

Eiko And Koma At The Asia SocietyGetty Images

If you're not an artistic person at all, this class will force you to think more creatively — as will most art classes. However, performance art makes you think about your body in an entirely different way — and the space it occupies.

You'll learn about the multiple uses of performance art — think activism — and just enjoy the sheer beauty of the body. After taking the course, you'll definitely be more in tune with your body.

3. Sociology and Psychology

This might seem like a pretty basic course that you can skip, but learning about the way humans behave and act can be very beneficial to navigating your life. Being more in tune to social cues and signals will increase your popularity and make you more likeable in general.

Sociology and psychology don't have to be boring 101 courses — many colleges and universities offer weird classes dealing with the feeling of happiness, the science of being dumb and the nature of evil — just to name a few.

4. Feminism

Judith Butler Speaks On Zionism At Jewish MuseumGetty Images

Feminism classes aren't — and shouldn't — just be for women. How are we going to get anywhere in equality if they aren't? Taking a feminism class in college will broaden your knowledge on social issues and justice — the more intersectional, the better.

These classes don't just have to be long, boring Judith Butler texts. There's specialized courses dealing with the subject in politics, media, fashion and more. Even if you are in an all-female class, that'll just take you out of your comfort zone even more.

5. Coding

Sorry everyone, the last one is STEM related. In the current world filled with technology and programming, you can't just live without even a tidbit of this skill — even just to see how it all works.

Within a few years, a lot of the job market will be based in technology — you can't escape it. So, get ahead of the curve with a few entry level courses just in case.

And remember, there are thousands of different classes still out there! Even if these five don't fit — after you've tried them, of course — keep searching until you do find something interesting enough to take on as a hobby. Or maybe even a career change?

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