Quiz: Am I a Narcissist?

1. How long do you look at yourself in the mirror on a given day?

a.) 5 seconds

b.) 30 seconds

c.) 10 minutes

d.) 2 hours

If you answered D, you need serious help.

Alright, just joking. The point is, human beings are by nature selfish. Think about all the things we do for ourselves. Some of us get our hair cut more than necessary, shop for expensive clothes, eat extravagant meals, and indulge ourselves on a daily basis.

So what?

Here's what. We can all find ways to be a little bit less selfish, whether it's by complimenting a stranger, offering someone to go ahead of us in line, or letting our dogs out for an extra long walk.

Why are we selfish? It's all based on convenience. When I'm hungry, I want to eat. When I'm tired, I tell you to leave me alone. We are not aware that some things we say may have a negative impact on other people. Awareness is at the core of selfishness. If you want to be less selfish, be.

Try this:

For a week, keep a diary. You can fill it with anything you want -- thoughts, feelings, dreams, pictures. After the first day, count how many times you wrote the word "I." By the end of the week, try to get it down to zero.

Give some "me" time to someone else.

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