Ready for 2023? Raise The Bar With Hint

Each year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. And very few of us manage to keep them. So why make them in the first place? It’s silly, waiting all year to pick a few things that we want to stop doing — but let’s face it — we know very well we aren’t fully committed to following through on.

That’s why our editors focus on a different strategy – one we call “raising the bar.” We’re into finding better alternatives to our everyday essentials so we can actually achieve whatever we set our minds to. Raising the bar is all about making incremental changes to the little habits that cost us the most in our lives. And since most of us share an addiction to sodas and sugary juices, we searched for easy solutions to letting go of these bad habits for good.

Then we came across Hint — fruit-infused water in delicious flavors with zero calories, zero sugars, and zero sweeteners. We tried it. And now, we’re pretty much obsessed with it. Whether you’re looking to decrease your soda intake or want to drink more water and reach your daily hydration goals — Hint can definitely help. Here’s how we did it!

Don’t eliminate a bad habit, replace it

All habitual patterns — good or bad — are in your life for a reason. Somehow, these behaviors benefit you, whether it’s the sugary satisfaction of juices or the thirst-quench of a sweetened soda. Simplistic advice such as “just stop drinking it” is rarely effective. We’ve made enough failed “cold turkey” resolutions to know that. But replacing juice or soda with something that gives you the same thirst-quenching satisfaction, like Hint water, can work wonders. You’ll be surprised how easy that resolution will be to keep!

And for a limited time, Hint has an unmissable offer for new customers — a chance to sample 3 cases of Hint’s top flavors for $36. That's only $1 per bottle! Also, with this amazing offer, you get free shipping, so with just one click you can have it delivered straight to your door.

Make it easy

At some point, you may have tried switching to green juices or water with added vitamins and minerals. But the problem is that it's hard to stick with those. Anything that requires extra steps — going to a juice bar or a store or doing the prep work yourself — is going to set you up for failure. Hint makes it easy. Simply order your favorite flavors online and Hint will deliver your water right to your doorstep — no more excuses!

Isolate yourself from the source of your addiction

You’re much more likely to cave to the temptation of a cold soda if one is within reach. That’s why it’s time to eliminate soda from your environment altogether! Whenever you shop for groceries, don’t buy soda to begin with. If your workplace is the problem, grab a few bottles of Hint water and take it with you on-the-go.

Stack your habits

The easiest way to form a new habit is to tie it to an existing one. If you want to drink more water, consider your routine. Where can you add in a Hint bottle? How about a bottle before your morning coffee, one while on a midday walk, or while watching your favorite series? Keep a bottle of Hint next to your phone — every time you reach over to turn it on, take a swig of Hint first. Easy Peasy!

Partner up

When venturing into any self-improvement journey, it’s better together. Partner up with your family, best friend, or work colleague and challenge each other. Who can reach your hydration goal first? And who can actually keep it? That way, you can keep each other on track. You can even trade Hint flavors like Blackberry, Watermelon or Coconut.

So just forget about making those New Year’s Resolutions

Make confident choices instead! Raise the bar with little changes that you know you can stick to! Switching to Hint water is easy, and you’ll feel the benefits in no time. Water boosts energy, delivers essential nutrients to your cells, aids in digestion, detoxifies, and hydrates the skin.

Get a taste for yourself with Hint’s New Customer Offer — 36 bottles for only $36, plus free shipping and delivered straight to your door.

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