How to Rant Productively

After a miserable day at work dealing with a difficult boss and inconsiderate coworkers, you may want to rant about your job. Venting may seem like an easy way to release the tension and anger that have built up for hours. However, if you do it wrong, the consequences can range from minor problems, like annoying others, to serious repercussions, such as losing your job. In addition, studies show that ranting can make you feel worse and isn't a healthy way to express feelings.

The best advice is not to rant, but everyone knows it's impossible to avoid at times. The need to vent can be overwhelming, so if you can't stop it, at least do it the right way.

Wait Before Ranting

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Waiting can help you calm down and may be enough to convince you that a rant isn't necessary. The American Psychological Association (APA recommends doing breathing exercises, repeating a calming word or phrase, using visualization, and doing yoga to reduce anger. Another option is change your surroundings to calm down. If you're at work, go for a walk or at least leave the cubicle for a few minutes.

Pick the Right People

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If you have to rant, it's important to pick the right people as the audience. Don't choose another coworker, or anyone who can use the information against you. Instead, find a trusted friend or family member who won't repeat the rant.

It's also a good idea to pick someone who isn't involved in the actual problem that makes you want to rant. For example, don't vent to a close friend who experienced the same bad customer service at a restaurant. Brad Waters, MSW, explains that they will reinforce the story, which will give you the "ammunition" to be even angrier. Try to pick people who are neutral and detached from the actual story. This will make them better advisers, so they can help you calm down faster.

Write It Down Instead of Talking

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Sometimes it's safer to write down the rant instead of saying it aloud. As long as you don't publish it anywhere, a written rant can release pent up emotions without anyone else having to hear you complain. Don't risk writing an email that you may accidentally send, and don't post on social media where friends, coworkers, family, and others may see the rant. Consider writing things down the old-fashioned way: with a pen and paper. Not only will this be more productive than complaining to another person, but it may also relieve stress.

Focus on Solutions

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When you're ranting, it's easy to focus on your frustration. However, venting on its own won't fix anything, so it's important to spend some time thinking about solutions. It's simple to complain, blame others, and walk away. Instead, remember to ask this question: What could you have done differently to prevent the problem? By focusing on solutions, you'll feel less angry and be more productive.

Ranting isn't the best way to deal with a frustrating situation, but everyone still does it. The next time you can't keep your feelings in check, take comfort in the knowledge that it's possible to rant productively.

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