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Editor’s Note: I’ve been suffering from hot flashes, irritable moods, and sleepless nights for months now and it has negatively affected my day-to-day life. So I decided to try Kindra’s products.

Here’s What My Days And Nights Looked Like Before Kindra:

I never used to be a snappy person, but as I approached 50, things changed. I got irritated at the smallest things, rarely slept a whole night through, and was flustered, flushed, and moody.

I spent many nights sweating and tossing and turning so I felt exhausted most of the time. Then the hot flashes started happening during the day and my libido completely disappeared. But when I started to feel uncomfortably dry and sex with my husband became a bit painful, I had to do something about it.

So I researched my symptoms - hot flashes, low libido, sleeplessness, energy lags, and weight gain - and realized I was experiencing the onset of perimenopause.

I kept reading and came across this menopause company, Kindra. Kindra makes clinically-tested and OB/GYN-approved peri and post-menopausal essentials - by women, for women. The interesting thing about Kindra is that their products don’t contain any estrogen or progesterone. I loved that this could be a fantastic way to treat my symptoms without hormones.

I went onto the Kindra site and took their five-minute quiz to determine which products they’d recommend. They almost instantly sent me an email detailing my personalized product regimen to help me embrace my hormonal changes.

With Kindra's Essential Bundle, I’d get the vaginal lotion to help my dryness and the Core Supplement to help with my night sweats, hot flashes, and irritability.

I was skeptical of whether this natural product would be strong enough to actually help. But — on the other hand - if this worked it would be a game-changer. So I ordered the bundle — and the rest is history.

Here’s What My Days And Nights Look Like After Kindra:

My Kindra regimen recommended that I take the Core Supplement daily. It’s formulated with plant extracts like Pycnogenol and Ashwagandha to help naturally cool the body, focus the mind, boost energy, balance mood swings, and hydrate from the inside out.

Before my first time applying the lotion I’ll admit I was anxious, but the instructions were clear and I had no problem applying it with just my hands. Within just a few minutes it felt so soothing. By day two, it alleviated some of my vaginal dryness, and it’s steadily got better ever since. And the best part is — my libido is back! Just ask my husband.

I didn’t see much difference initially with the Core Supplement. But when I read that it can take 2 months to notice a difference, I stayed patient. To my surprise, by the third month, my hot flashes began to disappear.

I couldn’t believe it! This means I finally get a full night’s sleep every night. I have more energy throughout the day. I’m less irritable and feel like myself again. I’ve already told all my girlfriends about it (they have an easy referral program that helps me and my friends save even more - you can send a $10 voucher to a friend, and you get $10 after their first purchase of $25!) and I’m so happy I finally have answers and real relief!

The Takeaway:

Kindra’s Core Supplement and Lotion helped me return to myself. The dryness, discomfort, and pain during sex is virtually gone! As are my hot flashes. Kindra really helped me manage my menopausal journey easily and affordably, without pumping my body with hormones!

If you’re facing the challenges of menopause and looking for a natural solution, check out Kindra’s products! You can thank me later.

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