5 Reasons I Tried Readly And I Love It!

6 Week Free Trial, Unlimited Magazines and Newspapers, No Commitments

Like so many others, I spend a lot of time online. The last year has meant that socializing has been basically non-existent, so we've all had to come up with new ways to keep ourselves entertained at home. I've been determined to take up some new hobbies, and top of my list is wanting to read more.

Reading is something I used to do a lot more of, but you know how it is. I don't always have the time to delve into a big book, but I still want to keep my mind active and learning. My best friend Trish is always telling me about some new, fun topic she's been reading about, so I asked her where she finds them all, and that's when she showed me Readly; an online platform and app that gives you unlimited access to 5000 publications. I was fascinated with the idea so I took the plunge and signed up.

Here's 5 reasons why I've been loving it:

1. Tons of publishers at my fingertips

Readly has over 5000 magazines and newspapers, ranging from News & Politics to Fashion & Beauty- and everything in between. All their publishers are leaders in their fields and always have up-to-date coverage. I can read Hello!, Cosmopolitan, Delicious and 442; I never run out of anything to read.

2. Free 6 week trial

Readly costs just £7.99 per month, and right now they have a free 6 week trial. You can redeem the free trial on their website, then download the app on all of your devices. A subscription from Readly is super flexible, I can cancel any time. I used my free 6 weeks so much that I couldn't not sign up!

3. Lots of engaging content on many different topics

After spending way too much time on my phone last year, the one thing about social media that I don't like is how it is mostly the same thing. I got a little sick of those cute dog videos and pranks. With Readly, I can explore and read anything I like, even if it's just one page from a car magazine. I love having the option to engage and learn on topics I would not usually look at; apart from my favorite magazines.

4. Convenient- can read anywhere, any time

Even though we're all mostly working from home right now, Readly is super convenient as you can download the material and ready it anywhere without wifi. It will be a godsend when I go back to my morning commutes! I don't fall asleep easily and Readly is so convenient in that regard, I can lie in bed with the app and read all I want, even offline, without having to turn on the light. With Readly, I can relax in the evenings reading something informative instead of falling asleep looking at someone's story on Instagram.

5. Share articles with Family

All my family are readers and we usually share articles/ books we find interesting with each other. It's a great way to expand my knowledge and with Readly I get to share all the interesting articles I find with the rest of the family at just the click of a button.

Readly is a great service that changed the way I looked at magazines and reading as a whole. Plus, with over 5000 publications spanning every topic to choose from, previous and latest issues, the possibilities of what to read are endless.

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