What Real People Are Saying About Spot & Tango

“Thank you for caring about my dog as [if] he was your own. More than a company, thank you for making us feel like our concerns matter and that we are part of the pack!” - Julio S.

As owners, it seems like the two options are store-bought kibble or making food ourselves (which is much more difficult than it sounds). But the one question a lot of dog owners have is, Is this food actually nutritious?

Our editors have had the same question, and after reading the ingredients on most store-bought kibble, decided to look at different options.

We have seen a ton of companies come across our newsfeeds stating that they supply 100% human-grade dog food at similar prices. For us finding a company that’s more than just dog food was essential. While looking at different options, we came across Spot & Tango, a company reimaging healthy dog food and more importantly customer service. Here are some actual reviews from real customers.

Our dog LOVES the yummy goodness of Spot & Tango. We can’t feed him anything else.” - Molly.

“I am so happy with Spot & Tango! My dog loves it and I’m happy he’s eating healthy. Thank You!” - Pamela.

“After trying out different types of dog food we found Spot & Tango she now gets excited for meal times and has maintained a healthy weight.” - Meghan

“Spot & Tango was very attentive to my concerns and helped ease a stressful situation for me. Monica & team are to be commended for listening & showing compassion for customers” - Perla C.

There is no doubt that Spot & Tango treats its customers like part of the family. All their food is packed with USDA-certified protein, fruits, and veggies so your pups can live their happiest, healthiest lives. They are completely transparent and even list the ingredients in the front of their packaging.

Your loyal friends deserve the best and Spot & Tango makes you feel like one of the pack! Give them a try today.

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