Realistic Ways to Become More Mindful in 2023

Resolutions. Detoxes. Goals — SMART ones, even. Raise your hand if you’re sick of it all. The New Year has come around faster than I’d have liked. And along with it comes its pomp, circumstance, and fanfare. It’s not just the parties and the roundups and the inescapable ins/outs lists. It’s the never-ending parade of reminders that, according to everyone else, you should be doing better.

And now Veganuary is here. Or Dry January. Or whichever quick-fix detox or purge is clogging up your feed with promises of revolutionizing your life. But here’s what we should all accept: no magic diet, resolution, or lifestyle transformation is going to change your life overnight. This might be disappointing, but it’s not totally miserable. Because there’s hope. You can change your life — this is not some bleak nihilistic manifesto. All it takes are small, slow steps.

The truth is our obsession with becoming a brand-spanking new person when the ball drops in Times Square is misplaced. I’m not immune to the New Year, New Me fervor. But I’ve been there: struggling to stick to a list of vague vows, feeling overwhelmed, then giving up by mid-January.

In fact, 43% of all people expect to fail before February. A staggering 25% of people quit within the first week of setting their New Year's resolutions. And though most people set them, only 9% stick with their resolutions through the end of the year. And who’s to say that 9% aren’t people only making easy resolutions? You never know.

Clearly, for 91% of us, something has to change. But what? And how?

Instead of resolutions, try routines and rituals. Rather than tackling a year of epic transformation, try adding a few fresh routines to your day. Those routines then become rituals, which gradually add up to growth. By easing your mind and body into less intimidating shifts in behavior, you stand a chance at becoming a more actualized version of yourself.

The most critical change you can make? Self-care. By leveling up your wellness rituals, you can create ripples that make waves in your entire life. Prioritizing rest will make you more productive. Adding movement into your day eases anxiety. And so on, and so on. And wellness can be easy if you allow it. All you have to do is start small.

Instead of promising yourself to go to the gym on January 1st, try something less intimidating like a home stretching routine. Then work up to more challenging home workouts. And then eventually you’ll make it to a gym or a studio.

Whatever your goal, by implementing tiny, attainable changes, you can hit the end the year with a sense of accomplishment and excitement rather than dread.

The key is keeping it attainable and enjoyable.

Here are some realistic ways to prioritize wellness starting right now:

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Drink less coffee, try tinctures

I know I said to start small but … hear me out. Above all else, wellness comes from good sleep. And those frequent cups of coffee could be sabotaging you. I’ve been toning down my coffee consumption for months, opting for Oat Matcha Lattes instead … if you know, you know. But in an effort to ditch the caffeine (for the most part) in 2023, I’m reaching for Rainbo Tinctures first thing in the morning instead of my usual coffee cup.

Rainbo’s mushroom-based blended tincture boosts productivity, clarity, and overall wellness. Trust me, try it. A few drops of Rainbo’s 11:11 Lionsmane Blend in my morning glass and I’m laser-focused on the day’s tasks.

Espresso martinis are still permitted, as a treat.

Sleep better

What goes up, must come down — with a little help. CBD gummies are without question my favorite sleep aid. Melatonin makes me groggy, kickstarting a caffeine cycle that does not end well for me … see above. CBD is a gentler way to usher in a deep, refreshing rest.

For CBD products, I trust FOCL’s premium CBD remedies to bestow that Goldilocks dose of wellness. That’s because FOCL’s Gummies are enhanced with adaptogens and botanicals.

Move your body

Looking to up your daily step count? Venturing on more Hot Girl Walks for your mental health? Both are noble goals. Personally, I’m fighting for my life. My dwindling self-control is continuously battling the barrage of Instagram ads for a WFH walking pad. Whatever your journey, walking more is IN for 2023.

I like to make the most of my steps by wearing Bala Bangles. Yes, I was initially lured in by their aesthetics, but these ankle weights are comfortable, flexible, and effective. Definitely worth every penny.

Make exercising easy

One of the most popular resolutions is to simply work out. This nebulous goal has led to the downfall and disappointment of many — including me. But those days are over. Instead of letting myself talk my way out of a gym visit, I’m bringing the gym to me.

Tempo is the at-home workout system the whole world should own. Destroy the gym-bro industrial complex! Enjoy your workout at home with this compact weightlifting setup. It’s the most life-changing thing to happen to fitness since Christopher Meloni’s Peloton ad. Better, since it doesn’t clash with your home decor style.

Focus on self care

One thing about me is? I will indulge in a bit of self-care. While usually that means a long bath and a face mask. This year, I aim to step up my self-care and boost my overall wellness. And I’m doing it simply by lying on the floor. Yep. With this WTHN Acupressure Mat Set, I can indulge in at-home acupressure and deeply relax. The gentle stimulators activate points across the body so you drift into a state of pure relaxation. Made with linen and filled with coconut fiber for your most luxurious acupressure session yet.

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