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There is undeniable evidence that climate change is real. And human activity is the principal cause.

The number of record high-temperature events is increasing worldwide. The global sea level rose about 20 centimeters over the last century. Glaciers are diminishing just about everywhere. This is all proof that the earth is warming at an unprecedented rate. One not seen in the past 10,000 years!*

But did you know that our food consumption is the main driver of climate change? About one third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are linked to our food habits. That’s everything from how we process, transport, and distribute it to how we consume and dispose of it.**

But there’s no need to sell your car or plant hundreds of trees to help to combat climate change. You can simply shift your food mindset and habits by making more sustainable choices. And this can be as easy as subscribing to HelloFresh.

Sure, meal kits are known for their convenience, but here’s how HelloFresh can also help reduce your carbon footprint:

Responsible Sourcing

HelloFresh sources their ingredients primarily from domestic suppliers. They buy directly from the source, which shortens the supply chain – far less than traditional supermarkets – reducing emissions enormously.

HelloFresh also carefully selects their suppliers and ensures they align with the brand’s goals for a greener future. Where possible, HelloFresh favor locally grown ingredients and in-season produce as this minimizes unnecessary food miles and supports local agriculture and food production

By sourcing their ingredients responsibly, HelloFresh meals produce a 25% lower life-cycle carbon footprint than the same meals made from supermarket ingredients.****

Sustainable Packaging

Most of HelloFresh boxes are made from 100% recycled content cardboard. And they’ve replaced traditional liners with paper cool pouches that keep ice and proteins cool. Even their paper cool pouch is 100% kerbside recyclable!

HelloFresh’s Dynamic Packaging Configurator is another highly successful packaging initiative. It determines each order’s insulation type, thickness and amount of ice needed to maintain food safety, while optimizing packaging usage and cutting down on carbon emissions.*****

Reducing Food Waste

Did you know that ~2.5 billion tons of food is wasted globally each year alone? This equals close to 33% of all food produced!***

HelloFresh sends you perfectly-portioned ingredients, so very little food goes to waste. Plus, rather than buying all the ingredients in bulk at the supermarket, you get exactly what you need and actually save money.

When they conducted a household study using customers who alternated between cooking dinners with and without HelloFresh meal kits, they discovered that their delicious meals help reduce an average of 38% of food waste per household!*****

HelloFresh’s Climate Superstar recipes take sustainable eating to the next level. These recipes are below the carbon budget threshold of the average Kiwi dinner and have the lowest emissions of any of their recipes each week

Beyond helping to reduce your carbon footprint and saving you money, HelloFresh makes cooking fresh, delicious dinners incredibly convenient. Their menu features 35+ recipes each week, so you’ll never get bored. And you get to skip those time-consuming trips to the grocery store.

Climate change is threatening the way we live. Sitting back and doing nothing will cost us. So, it’s time to act. Eating sustainably is a major, positive path to a brighter and greener future. Take action – sign up for HelloFresh now!

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