Revamping Your Wellbeing — Top Health Trends In 2024

Every year, we reflect on the health and wellness trends that shaped the previous year — some were fantastic (others not so much). Whether you experimented with cold water therapy, enjoyed mushrooms in various forms, or clocked some serious sleep syncing, 2023 brought a mix of positive and not-so-effective health trends.

As we approach a new year, we've been doing a ton of research to understand what was great in 2023 and what are the trends we should all be leaving behind. Here’s all the latest approaches and techniques we predict will be huge in 2024.

Embrace the Zzzs

Out: Higher Dose Melatonin // In: Microdosed Melatonin

It’s no wonder many people opted for the vampire hormone — aka melatonin — to trick their bodies into feeling like it’s time to sleep. While it may have helped us get those 8 hours of sleep in, we had to put up with unwanted side effects like headaches, dizziness, nausea, and daytime drowsiness.

If you need an extra sleep boost, try Moon Juice Sleepy Magnesi Om® which has a naturally-sourced microdose of plant-based Melatonin, 2 bioavailable forms of Magnesium, and L-Theanine to help you fall asleep faster and support sleep without grogginess the next morning.

Sleepy Magnesi-Om® is non-habit forming and should be taken situationally. It’s ideal to have on hand for those nights you’re having trouble falling asleep, during times of stress, or while traveling.

If you’re already off the melatonin bandwagon, Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om® product is a great melatonin-free option with a powerhouse formula that features three different types of magnesium and L-Theanine for rest, relaxation, brain health, and regularity — without side effects.

  • Magnesium Gluconate to support muscle relaxation
  • Magnesium Acetyl Taurinate to support brain function and PMS relief
  • Magnesium Citrate to support healthy bowel movements
  • L-Theanine to support cognitive aging

It’s MoonJuice’s TikTok viral and flagship product for a reason for balanced overall relaxation and health.

From Sluggish to Spirited

Out: Over Caffeination // In: Vitamin B

While caffeine is known for turning morning zombies into caffeinated superheroes, 2024 can certainly hold healthier solutions.

Moon Juice’s Ting™ is a non-stim, wake-up call that brings calming energy thanks to its key ingredients B Vitamins and Adaptogenic Ginseng.

Beyond promoting serotonin production and that sense of calm energy, it boosts metabolism by converting fat, protein, and carbs into cellular energy. The amazing Vitamin B Complex (Vitamin B1, B2, B3 Niacin, B5, B6, B9) included in Ting™ are a game changer for natural and more sustainable energy throughout the day.

This magic powder is our new best friend in 2024. It instantly dissolves in water and it legitimately tastes like mango — sooo delicious!

Hydration Revolution

Out: Energy/Sports Drinks // In: Electrolytes with Trace Minerals

Did you know that 90% of the US has a mineral imbalance or deficiency and 75% are chronically dehydrated, which can manifest as brain fog and fatigue? Neither did we..

It’s high time to ditch those sugary juices and sodas and go for healthier hydration alternatives.

Our experts’ go-to this year?

Enter Moon Juice’s Mini Dew™ — a 2-in-1 electrolyte powder drink mix that contains electrolytes + minerals for hydration and brain function. The brain’s made up of mostly water, so proper hydration is crucial for mental stamina, focus, and memory. Mini Dew™ gives the body the elements and mineral supplements it needs to feel good and energized at work, the gym or even after a fun night out!

So this year, it’s high time you dump the sickeningly sweet drinks and make Moon Juice Mini Dew™ your 2024 countertop essential.

Reignite Your Fire

Out: Doom Scrolling // In: Hormonal Balance

Navigating the hormonal roller coaster can feel like a wild amusement park ride, with your libido taking unexpected detours. Sadly, the struggle is real.

Hormonal fluctuation can often lead to decreased sexual desire, fatigue, arousal difficulties, and challenges in achieving orgasm.

The good news? Scrolling social media, watching porn or avoiding intimacy all together doesn’t need to be the way forward in 2024!

Say goodbye to imbalances and hello to Moon Juice Sex Dust® — a combination of 6 powerful adaptogens and herbs that are traditionally used to target stress to support healthy hormonal balance, overall mood, energy, sexual function, and endorphin release. It boasts a rich, smoky cacao flavor that pairs beautifully with your morning cup of coffee. This will literally change your mood and (sex) life.

Final Thoughts

Adaptogens — those magical botanical wonders — will be your wellness sidekick in 2024, offering balance and vitality.

Moon Juice’s wide range of adaptogenic natural supplements have revolutionized the wellness scene.

Their products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure maximum safety, potency, and effectiveness. Not to mention that their ingredients are 100% traceable, vegan, clean, and bioavailable — no endocrine disruptors or flow agents!

So, as you put together your resolutions, make room for your ultimate wellness upgrades with Moon Juice — because an amazing new year starts with a mind and body in perfect harmony.

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