Ritual Or GEM — Which Vitamins Do We Choose?

Health and wellness is a top priority for many, yet we often neglect our diets. That's why the supplement industry is growing rapidly with vitamins available for every ailment or deficiency.

The market is saturated with mass-produced, synthetic vitamins that don’t actually deliver what you’d expect, so how do you know which brand is best? Or if you should take capsules, tablets, or something better? 92% of Americans are nutrient deficient so we decided to help you find the supplements that are best for you.

When we looked into the space, two popular vitamin companies kept popping up —

GEM and Ritual. So we compared them to see which one we preferred. Here’s what we discovered:

Key Similarities:

  • Both offer a range of vitamin supplements designed to fill nutritional deficiencies
  • Both use natural and organic ingredients
  • Both are recommended to be taken daily

Key Differences:

  • GEM supplements are real food vitamins that come in the form of “bites” for easy, tasty consumption | Ritual vitamins are in capsule form
  • GEM vitamins are regulated as a food so you know they’re safe to consume | Ritual vitamins are not FDA approved
  • GEM’s Daily Essentials vitamins come in 3 delicious flavors | Ritual’s multivitamins are capsules so they are unflavored

GEM Overview

GEM is one of the most natural ways to efficiently and effectively get all the vitamins you need into your diet.

While with most other brands you have to remember to gulp them down each morning, GEM is made with real, whole-food ingredients that you eat. They’re free from synthetics, fillers, added sugar, animal products, and other harmful ingredients! They make the perfect addition to your daily routines.

Their Daily Essential bites are packed with whole food sourced nutrients and come in three delicious flavors — Citrus Ginger, Lemon Raspberry, and Cacao (Citrus Ginger is our favorite!). They include TLC for digestion, mood, and immunity, as well as probiotics, D3, zinc, and turmeric.

Your body has an innate ability to extract raw nutrients from food sources like GEM which make them way more effective than isolated nutrients in pill form. Plus, eating a tasty GEM bite is much easier and more enjoyable than swallowing a pill or capsule — we really enjoy taking it with our morning coffee!

Ritual Overview

Ritual offers a range of vitamins for men, women, teens — and even kids — that target different needs. There are also prenatal and postnatal products.

For comparisons, we looked at their Essential for Women Multivitamin 18+. Like GEM, their goal is to fill nutritional gaps to provide a stronger foundation for health. They contain ingredients like Folate, Omega-3 DHA, Vitamin B12, and Iron. Each bottle has a mint tab to keep things fresh.

However, Ritual multivitamins come in capsule form. And we read multiple customer reviews complaining about a bad aftertaste, stomach issues, and unreliable customer service.

Final Verdict

We’re going with GEM!

GEM is completely unique. In a world teeming with tasteless, cumbersome capsules and pills, GEM’s flavored “bites” make taking your vitamins a treat instead of a chore. We actually look forward to taking it everyday and absolutely love their Citrus Ginger flavor.

And because they’re considered food, they’re regulated. In general, vitamins aren’t FDA approved and are made with fillers and potential harmful ingredients — which is concerning.

We love how GEM keeps things simple. Their Daily Essentials are suitable for everyone and can help you with digestive health, anti-inflammation support, immune health, and skin support.

If you’re looking for a great way to integrate fundamental nutrients in your diet, we recommend GEM. We’re obsessed with their Daily Essentials and can’t wait to try their lineup of Sleep Essentials and Calm Essentials.

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