Rituals for the Lunar Eclipse

All lunar events are times to take stock of your life, clear away negative energies, and make space for new manifestations.

Few moon-related events are more powerful than lunar eclipses. The November 30th lunar eclipse will happen concurrently with the "beaver moon," which gets its name because this is the time of year when beavers usually build their dams and hunters set their traps for the creatures.

This year, a big rainstorm is smashing across much of the northeast, making it unlikely we'll see the eclipse. But a huge storm and a lunar eclipse seem like the perfect time to embrace the moon's cathartic, emotional energy.

Today's eclipse is not an actual lunar eclipse—it's technically a penumbral eclipse, which means the moon is drifting through the earth's outer shadows, or penumbra, blocking some of the sun's rays from hitting the moon. Still, it's a powerful time.

According to the website foreverconscious, "As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls in the sign of the Gemini twins, we may feel a sense of needing to balance both our physical body and our spirit body. There is also strong Goddess energy around this Eclipse, so step into this power, tend to your own inner flame, but also find the sweetness and nourishment that life has to offer."

Because the lunar eclipse is such a portal and transitional point, it's the perfect time to do some rituals. The truth is, it doesn't really matter what kind of ritual you do; as long as you infuse it with meaning and significance, then it will be powerful.

For example, it's a perfect time to journal. To start your lunar eclipse ritual, grab a journal, a best friend, or a therapist and give yourself the opportunity to talk through some of your more negative emotions and fears.

After you've honored those negative energies, take some time to write about what's holding you back. Finally, write about what you'd like to manifest in the future.

You might also use candles to help yourself shed old fears and manifest new goals. Here's a candle ritual, courtesy of stylecaster:

Candle Ritual

1. Light a candle.

2. Write down three things you'd like to manifest in the future.

3. Write down an affirmation that supports your goals.

3. Repeat your affirmation.

4. Visualize what it would look like for you to achieve those things.

5. Repeat every day until the next full moon.

It's also a great time to try meditation. You might envision yourself surrounded by white light, or imagine yourself flying to the moon and consulting whatever god or goddess you believe in about any questions you might have. Ask what you need to release in order to begin again, and envision the moon severing the connection between you and whatever you want to avoid.

For a more involved ritual that includes candles, manifestation, and meditation, check out this one. Or just create your own and let the moon spirit guide you.

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