Another page from a former runner's diary

The worst part of the having a minor injury is how major it is to your normal activity. A brisk walk in the store takes you a lot longer than normal. No heels, no running and certainly no intense workouts.

With summer around the corner, I usually spend April and May pretending that I will get the Instagram beach body in eight weeks or less. For the few weeks, I attempt to work out for the sole purpose of summer, I'll eat extremely healthy, workout five days a week and drink more than enough water. Since my go-to exercise, running, was out the window, I needed a new routine.

To get my heart pumping, bike riding was suggested to me. Since I don't know how to ride a bike (my sad fun fact) and had no desire for another fall, the stationary bike and I are now on a first name bases. Alternating between spin classes and interval sessions on the bike two to three days a week is a healthy dose of cardio.

I low-key hate the gym— it smells, there are lots of people there, and I am too lazy to drive there in the morning. Working out at home is the easiest option since all you need is a set of dumb bells and maybe a yoga mat. I modified old circuits by changing the pace and the amount of the reps.

Warning: You should talk to your doctor or other health professional before starting an exercise routine after any injury. Warm up, cool down and stretch before and after any exercises.

Circuit workouts for when you can't run (or don't) want to run:

Core & lower body workout:

Tip: Vary the speed of your reps to work out different muscle fibers, which can increase toning. An added plus, changing the tempo can make your sets more intense for an added cardio boost.

  • 3x20 squats
  • 3x20 sumo squats
  • 3x20 bicycle crunches
  • 3x20 lunges
  • 3x20 mountain climbers (each side)
  • 3x20 oblique crunches (each side)
  • 30-second wall sit
  • 1-minute side plank (repeat three times for each side)
  • 1-minute plank

Arms and back:

Tip: Form is everything. If you do exercises in the proper position than you target muscles effectively without putting unneeded stress on your joints. Use low weight dumbbells if you're looking to build endurance and heavy weights for muscular strength.

  • 3x12: chest press
  • 3x12: shoulder press
  • 3x12: bicep curls
  • 3x12: triceps kickbacks
  • 3x12: lateral raises
  • 3x12: push-ups
  • 30-second plank

25 minute stationary bike work out:

Soul cycling made cycling all the rage. If the candlelit community class isn't for you and you still want a high intensity work out on a stationary bike, a interval work out is great. The trick is to couple burst of high intensity with moderate activity. Adjust to your cardiovascular strength and endurance.

  • 5 minute: warm up
  • 3 minute: level 3
  • 2 minute: level 10
  • 1 minute: level 4
  • 2 minutes: level 11
  • 1 minutes: level 5
  • 2 minutes: level 12
  • 1 minute: level 6
  • 2 minute: level 13
  • 1 minute: level 5
  • 3 minute: level 3
  • 2 minute: level 2
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