Treat Yourself This Holiday Season To The Best Lingerie

The holiday season is upon us, and if you're anything like us, you're already screenshotting, bookmarking, and filling your cart with the coolest products you can find. There is no better feeling than finding the perfect gift for that special someone, but what happens when you find that perfect gift for yourself?

Whether it be a family member, significant other, or best friend, you may have run into a situation where you're buying a gift and you think, "that's pretty cool, I'd love one of those for myself." Unfortunately, with dozens of secret Santas and family get-togethers, buying a gift for yourself may not seem like the best idea.

But we've all worked hard this year and deserve something special. It doesn't have to be much, but how often do we decide to buy something for ourselves "just cause?" Once you get through the gifting season, relax and treat yourself to our editor's favorite brand when it comes to cozy, yet stylish essentials— Savage X Fenty.

Considering that we're spending more time than ever indoors, we think a comfy bra or some cute sleepwear is the perfect way to unwind and feel good while doing so. Savage X Fenty is a master class in understated everyday essentials (and sexy night time attire 😉). Between bras, undies, lingerie, pajamas, and more—the Savage X Fenty is incredibly expansive making it even easier for you to find your perfect fit.

Savage X Fenty
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Simply take the quiz to explore some styles and get to shopping! Scroll through best-sellers like the new Microfiber Balconette Bra, Forever Savage Bralette, and T-Shirt Bra, all with matching underwear in every style and cut along with so much more. Everything is crafted with the highest-quality, softest fabrics and comes in contemporary styles that are much more fashionable than traditional underwear. Just don't slack if you see something you like since

Savage X Fenty is known to sell-out during every new drop.

But our favorite part about Savage X Fenty is their XTRA VIP membership. The choice to shop is yours! Shop, or log into your account to 'Skip the Month' by the 5th of each month, and you won't be charged. If you don't 'Skip', your payment method will be charged $49.95 on the 6th of each month and you will receive one VIP Member Credit valued at $49.95.

Your VIP Member Credit goes into your account to spend or save. It can be used on purchases of $49.95 or more and must be used in full in order to be redeemed. Your credits will never expire.

Every month, they drop a new range of products that VIP members are able to get their hands on before anyone else. As an Xtra VIP Member, you'll save up to 25% on every full-priced style. Plus, you can redeem the New Xtra VIP offer and get 2 bras for $29.

There's no reason to feel bad about treating yourself this holiday season. In fact, we think it's healthy to give yourself a small reward for surviving such a crazy year, and Savage X Fentyis the perfect way to celebrate!

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