Why Savage X Fenty Is My New Obsession

I've never been a big fan of lingerie. It's nice for certain occasions but at the end of the day, underwear is really just underwear to me — or so I thought.

Recently I was looking to refresh my collection and cycle out older pieces but was a bit overwhelmed with all the choices out there in terms of style, fabrics, and price. My friend Hannah recommended I try Savage X Fenty: an affordable, online subscription lingerie store.

Now, Hannah and I are definitely not the same when it comes to body shape. I'm way curvier than her and completely dismissed the idea that we could buy lingerie from the same brand and look great on both of us. But she kept raving about it, so I figured I'd at least give it a look.

I was so surprised with Savage X Fenty. Their size selection is incredible, ranging from XS to 3X and the items can be viewed on multiple models in different sizes. I could actually get a sense of the true fit, which is key for lingerie, making the likelihood of needing to exchange for size less likely.

Plus, there are countless styles and I could get materials like cotton, lace, mesh, and satin. Honestly, this was the one-stop-shop I had been dreaming of and it really does exist!

However, I normally avoid subscriptions but this was different. I became an Xtra VIP member and now I can't imagine shopping without all these perks.

Do these kinds of services tend to confuse you? Well, same. So here's an easy breakdown of how it works