We All Have Seasonal Depression…Now What?

Let’s face it — summer’s over. The cold air is quickly rushing into our atmosphere and the days are getting shorter. Before you know it, the Christmas season will be here.

The colder months mean I will be holing up in my apartment and leaving my house as little as humanly possible. My birthday is in July and I simply believe I was never meant to be cold in my life.

If you don’t see where I’m going with this…it’s that I most definitely suffer from seasonal depression. It’s hard to feel hopeful when Daylight Savings hits and we all have to sit in extra darkness. Even worse when I think about how cold it is outside so I don’t even want to go anywhere.

But this year, I am planning to be combative, and beat this seasonal depression. I will not fall victim to winter depression if I can help it - and maybe I can’t but it’s worth a shot.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with winter depression every year. The sheer lack of sunlight is enough to send us all into a rut…so if you’re looking to restore your mental health this season, here are the tips I’ll be trying out.

The Seasonal Depression Lamp 


Lenstraveler via Unsplash

Medical News Today credits Seasonal Affective Disorder - how fitting that it’s S.A.D. - to the absence of sunlight for some people. With that being said, we are going to create our own sunlight this season.

Having a bright room illuminated with light throughout the day - even when it’s dark out - can have a positive impact on your mental state. Make it summer all year round in that bedroom, especially with the heat on in your house, and this lamp will give you the Bahamas effect.

Plan An Event

One of the best things you can do when life is looking a little bleak is plan to go somewhere. Having something to look forward to in the future can give you a glimmer of hope.

I take immense joy in attending live events regardless if it’s a concert or a game. I’ll go to just about any performance if you simply ask. So, hop on Ticketmaster and browse the events in your area!

This Christmas season, I’ll be traveling to New York City for the countless attractions like the Rockettes and the annual ice skating.

Getting Into Yoga

Ginny Rose Stewart via Unsplash

Staying active is extremely beneficial to both your mental and physical health. When I was younger, I found that hot yoga was the perfect mixture of meditation and a full-body workout.

By going to hot yoga a few days a week, you get a workout sans the confusing weights so you stay toned. However, you’re also forced to put your phone away for an hour and completely relax your mind. The heated studio is a bonus for those cold months, too.

Any sort of exercise can keep your mental well-being in tact. Switching up your workout routine can give you a new sense of inspiration to get on the grind.

Try Out Aromatherapy

I am obsessed with candles and having my apartment smell good. There never isn’t a wax melter or oil diffuser running in my room. So when Johns Hopkins says that certain essential oils can boost your mood and relieve stress…I’m running to the store.

Lavender essential oil is good for stress relief and helping those with anxiety, while lemon oil is known as a mood booster. Get a cute diffuser that can double as home decor like this one and try it out for yourself!

Get Your Vitamin D In 

With less access to natural sunlight, your body can become deficient in vitamin D, affecting your mood and mental health.

Olly has some of my favorite vitamins that work wonders. The Hello Happy Gummies contain vitamin D and saffron to help boost your mood all winter long.

This 2022 winter, I’m not going down with the ship. By implementing a routine and keeping my schedule busy, I’m determined to beat seasonal depression this year.

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