3 Simple Self-Care Goals That Help Keep Me Sane

I was a hot mess in 2020. Completing all my tasks, but barely staying afloat. It's 2021 and I've settled into more of a groove, but I definitely could bump up my life a bit with some more fun and healthier habits.

I don't need an entire overhaul, but by choosing 3 self-care goals I wanna do, I'm confident I'll have a great year and feel more put-together.

Here are 3 things I'm doing for myself in 2021:

1. Finally Getting Cute Loungewear

My college sweats are not enough to get me through the rest of winter. I need stuff that's cute and cozy for cooking, watching tv, and relaxinnnggg. I knew about Savage X Fenty's lingerie, but I had no idea they have an amazing loungewear line. So that's where I'm buying.

Thanks to their VIP Membership a whole new section of my wardrobe is totally affordable.

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Your VIP Member Credit hits your account so you can save or spend. It can be used on purchases of $49.95 or more and must be used in-full so that it can be redeemed. Your credits will never expire!

Every month, they drop a new range of products that VIP members can get their hands on before anyone else. This Spring I have my eye on the pastels and florals. As an Xtra VIP Member, I'll save 25% daily. Plus, New Xtra VIP members get 50% off their entire first purchase plus free shipping

With onesies and adorable leggings and matching tops, I'm all set for the next few months on my couch.

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2. Meditating

I've blown this off for years. Anytime anyone says they meditate, I roll my eyes, but you know what? I'll try anything once.

I was worried I'd have to dedicate something like 20-30 minutes a day to a bunch of exercises that wouldn't work for me. But after looking at a few apps, I saw that it can be way less intense. There are so many 5-minute sessions, and some are guided, so you can follow an instructor or listen to soothing ambient sounds.

Sitting alone with my thoughts for an hour seemed impossible, and that's because for a beginner, it is! I'm gonna take it slow, and try to find value in tiny sessions.

3. Getting My Sleep In Order

New loungewear will definitely help me get excited for bed, but I need to go further than that. I climb into bed each night and then spend at least 2 hours scrolling on my phone. But I'm switching to reading, so I can avoid that sleep-disrupting blue light. Maybe I'll finally stick to a bedtime routine!

With some 9pm chamomile tea, I'm ready to go.

I know there are a lot of outside forces beyond my control, but with self-care, I can at least balance what I'm doing and how I'm feeling in my own space.

It's time to start meditating, and catching consistent sleep for healthy skin and more energy, while looking super-cute in my new Savage X Fenty loungewear. I've got a feeling 2021 will be the year for a stronger, happier me.

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