10 things you can do tonight to treat yourself

With the weekend coming up, you might find yourself scrambling to fill a night in or facing the mixed satisfaction of cancelled plans. But worry not! What's better than some time 100% dedicated to you loving you and doing whatever you feel like? I personally love to take a self-care session to ward off that Sunday night dread. Here are 10 ways you can love yourself this Friday night:

1. Take a bubble bath

Pick up one of these and settle in for a long, relaxing soak. Bring music! Bring wine! Finally some time where you're not allowed to think about what you need to do next.

2. Start a good book

And not the one you picked up last month to say you've read it. YA throwbacks (Anyone else catching up with A Series of Unfortunate Events after the Netflix premiere?) and guilty pleasures (Mine, but you do you) recommended.

3. Make yourself a nice dinner

My home alone dinners are usually pasta mixed in with whatever I found lying around the kitchen, if I'm not already eating take-out. Look up a new recipe, grab those funky ingredients in the back of your cabinet and experiment. Or go for an old reliable comfort food.

4. Splurge a little

Unnecessarily fancy tea? Yes. Chocolate in pretentious packaging? Yes. Those earrings you've been eyeing? Yes yes yes.

5. Go to a museum

If you're artistically inclined, block out a solid two hours and head towards your nearest museum. Art is at its best when you get to just sit and immerse yourself in it. No worries about saying something to impress your date, or making time to see everything your friend wants to see - it's just you and the artist's thoughts. If you're in New York, MoMA and The Morgan do free Friday nights and the Brooklyn Museum does free late night Saturdays the first weekend of every month.

6. Go for a walk

People watching is the best. Note down conversations, sketch a doodle, or let out your full delight when you see an adorable puppy.

7. Light candles

Candles bring instant coziness. Light a bunch of little ones and curl up in PJs or a blanket. Mood boosted.

8. Meditate

Breathe. I feel like I never have time during a regular day to actually try meditating, so it's nice to carve out some time to practice. Here are a few tips to get started.

9. Call up an old friend

This is the perfect time to call them up and check in. Doesn't have to be long or cheesy, but do ask them if they remember that dumb thing you did together in high school.

10. Organize your space

I know, I know. This may seem like a chore, but in fact you are clearing out the physical space around you in order to create more mental space. Trust me, you'll feel so much more relaxed after.

Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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