Self Care on the Morning After

If you are a woman, person of color, Muslim, Jew, or queer person, you're not alone in feeling awful today. Our nation just elected a man who has time and time again showed little regard, if not outright hatred, for one or more of your identities and we're facing the fact that over half our population shares those feelings. If you're feeling like a citizen of a nation that wouldn't stand up for you and in fact very possibly hates you, please know that despite last night's events, you do not stand alone. Today, do your very best to take care of yourself.

Call in sick.

If you can, and of course not everyone can. But if you're in a position where you can afford to call out of work today, do it. You probably got minimal sleep and are ill-equipped to handle gloating Trump supporters, let alone whatever work you need to do, outside your home.


Except to connect with people you love. Hearing words of care from friends and family who are also sad and scared will make you feel better; reading vitriolic Facebook comments probably won't. If you're online long enough, you will find the hate. Don't give yourself the chance.


If the best you can do to feed yourself is delivery junk food, that's alright. Eat something wholesome if you can but at least remember to eat.

Zone out.

Do whatever will make you feel better, or at least distract you from what's happening. Watch old movies, play a video game; whatever's going to help you unwind a little.

Be with people.

Spend time with your people. It's going to be easy to feel alone considering the stand our nation has just taken against so many of us. Don't let it: have dinner tonight with your loved ones. See friends and family if you live alone, or make a point of spending time with those in your household. None of us are alone and none of us deserve to feel that way.

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