Sex Up Your Look with These 11 Simple Changes

If you're looking to increase your overall sexiness and sex appeal, it doesn't mean you need to go to great lengths or make ridiculous changes to pump up your va va voom volume. Sexiness can be simple with easy-to-make changes and updates you can pull off with cool confidence and sexy swagger. Try any or all of these 11 tips to spice up your style.

1. Do a New 'Do

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There's nothing like a fresh cut or new hairstyle that makes you feel sexy. Head to the salon and ask the hairdresser for advice to create a sexier version of you. Change the length, color, or go for something dramatic. Hair can change your look from everyday into slay!

2. Form-Fitting Fabulousness

No matter your body type, don't hide it under baggy or ill-filling clothing. Everyone looks better when their clothes are tailored to their body. When your clothing fits well from head to toe, you'll carry yourself a little taller and walk like you've got your own personal runway. Better to have a few great pieces than a closet full of junk.

3. Less Skin is In

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Some may think the more skin they show, the sexier they are. Not so. A little mystery goes a long way when it comes to sex appeal. Show a hint of leg or a blast of bicep, but booty shorts and barely-there crop tops are so last decade. Class and elegance is always sexy and timeless.

4. Complexion Confidence

A dull or sallow complexion is by no means helping put your best face forward. Cleanse regularly, moisturize, and remove unwanted hair on the double. Exfoliate to keep skin soft and supple and be sure to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun to keep wrinkles at bay. A healthy-looking face is sexy in the eyes of any beholder.

5. Up the Undergarments

Whether or not anyone else will see them, wearing undergarments with sex appeal will make you feel good from the start. Ratty or stained undies sets your look off with a crappy start (pun intended). You needn't spend a fortune or look like you've walked off the pages of a catalogue, just be sure everything fits well, matches, and makes you feel special.

6. No-Slack Shoes

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Even if your outfit's on fleek, scrappy shoes will throw the whole look off and immediately take your sex appeal down a few steps. Put your best foot forward with stylish shoes that show you've got great taste from top to bottom.

7. Twinkling Teeth

Even the best-looking person's sex factor plummets with rotten teeth. If you're smile isn't the straightest or picture-perfect, sparkly whites still look good on any face. Get some stain remover strips or head to the dentist for a thorough cleaning asap. Nobody's longing for a kiss from a Jack-o-Lantern.

8. Fit and Feeling Good

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Keeping your body in good shape is sexy, no matter your body type. Working out, eating right, and taking care of you is sexiness at its peak. Looking and feeling great from the outside in helps exude a come-hither vibe that others will be drawn to thanks to regular sex-ercise!

9. Nail It

Make sure your hands and nails are always clean and well-groomed. No need for weekly manicures or anything expensive, just keep 'em tidy to be sure every handshake or wave is inviting, not frightening. While nice nails may only scratch the surface of sexiness, every detail counts!

10. Scent-sational

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Looking good but smelling bad is a total turn-off. Be sure to shower, use deodorant, and a fragrance too if that's your thing. Anything close to "ripe" is not right. Proper hygiene is part of the overall package. Sexiness from afar stinks for everyone.

11. Personality's a Plus

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You may have your look together, but if you are a total jerk, what's the point? Your attitude is just as important as your image. Be kind, personable, and caring to anyone and everyone who comes your way. A rotten apple that starts from the core is plain sour.

Are you ready to be your sexiest self? With these tips, you'll be turning heads as you turn people on!

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