"Adultify" Your Favorite Childhood Games

Games are usually for kids but this time there's no children allowed. We've taken things to a whole new level and snatched a little of the innocence out of what you may have remembered as a wee one. Try these old-fashioned kiddy games with the adult twist that is a whole lot more than fun and games. Fooling around was never quite so playful!

1. Two for Twister

As a kid, getting clumsily caught up and twisted with the others until you all fell down was a barrel of laughs. But when you make it a game for two (adults), the intimate closeness and body-touching moves will get you ready to do a whole lot more than roll on the floor. If you're really adventurous, try the game in the nude. Reaching for those colorful dots will be a real stretch for the imagination!

2. Hide and Go "Peek"

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Little kids love to hide away and wait for someone to find their secret hiding spot, but that's where the fun used to end. Play the adult version and when the "seeker" finds the one hiding, surprise each other with a little flash of skin. Counting to 100 never seemed so excruciating!

3. Xs and Ohhhs

Tic Tac Toe is a classic and was enjoyed by nearly any child. Now's the time to take the game up a notch with an adult twist. Turn the game into a "Truth or Dare" and whoever wins gets to decide what the loser must answer or do. You'll be scribbling on that note pad all night!

4. Steamy Charades

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We've all played charades, but not quite like this. Only select X-rated movies, music, or situations for this version. Acting out the words will be as exciting as figuring out what's being guessed. Watch your partner move about in ways you thought you'd never witness!

5. Titillating Telephone

Remember the whisper game of telephone? One person passes along a sentence or phrase into the next person's ear and so on and so on until the last person in the bunch must shout out the message. Usually, the words get messed up along the way, creating a good chuckle. Imagine how much better this will be when the original thought is something perfect for a naughty prank call!

6. PJ Pillow Fight

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As a kid, it was tons of fun to have a good old fashioned pillow fight during a sleepover party. Jumping on the bed and watching the feathers fly out of the pillows was so carefree and joyful. Now that you're all grown up, play with your mate in your sexiest PJs, and when the pillow fight is over, you can make up between the sheets!

7. Supersized Spin the Bottle

Sure, spin the bottle was for the tweens and teens, but a peck on the lips was as far as the game usually went. Now it's time to spin the bottle for something a little stronger. When you finish off a nice bottle of wine, set it on the floor and give it a whirl. A kiss is nice, but with your honey on the receiving end, give him or her a little extra spice!

Ready to play the adult way?


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