I Finally Found My Signature Scent With Phlur

For my college graduation, my mom gave me the gift I'd been after my entire childhood; a bottle of Chanel No. 5.

I was the ultra-girly girl who used to put on my mom's heels, lipstick, and perfume and pretend to be a queen or a socialite. Having my own fancy perfume made me feel like such a grown-up, and so ready for job interviews, moving out, and being an #adult.

Too bad I hated the scent. I really liked it when I was younger, but I think that's because I stole it from my mom and it made me feel glamorous. Now, it was too floral and cloying and didn't really smell like me.

My mom offered to buy me a new perfume that I really liked, but when we went to the department store together, they all smelled too mature or like alcohol. I really wanted a signature scent to grow into, so I complained to my study group chat, where one girl mentioned she found her perfect scent with PHLUR. It's a fragrance company with 9 scents created by artisan perfumers that represent the full spectrum of preferences. They're modeled after modern places and moods, and even have accompanying music playlists, so you can pick one based on your interests.

Next, I loved PHLUR's bottles. They're white and square, and would look amazing in the minimalist bathroom of my dreams. I found out they're actually white because light damages fragrances, so most other bottles aren't built for scents to last. I wasn't sure about buying a scent online without knowing what it smelled like first.

But when I went on their site, I saw that for $18, you can get a set of 3 samples that will last for approximately 30 days. And, the $18 I spent on a sample set will be credited to my full bottle of choice. It's basically like trying 3 of the perfumes for free! You really get to live in the scent before you commit to it for all occasions.

Also, I loved that they're transparent about everything in their bottles. Fragrance brands only have to disclose a select list of ingredients, letting them add harmful chemicals and additives. PHLUR never uses parabens, phthalates, sulfates, nitro musks, or potential skin irritants, and gives you a full breakdown of what's in every vegan, cruelty-free package.

I ordered samples of 3 scents I thought I might like; Améline, a rosy perfume with bergamot and pink pepper to satisfy my inner French socialite-wannabe, Olmsted & Vaux, which is a clean, crisp scent inspired by walks in Central Park, which is where I'm heading after the summer, and Sandara, a calming forest-y scent which would hopefully add a little serenity to my busy schedule. They arrived in clean white 2mL bottles, and I decided to test one a day, so I could give each one a chance.

I tried Améline first, and while it's definitely a rose, it's some how much more modern than what my Mom would wear. It was feminine, and didn't have any alcoholic scent, unlike most perfumes. The next day, I went with Olmsted & Vaux, which was citrusy and clean. Then, Sandara blew me away. It smelled like a rainforest, and reflected the outdoorsy part of myself I found during college. Who needs a "signature scent" when you can have the perfect scent for any occasion? I wear Sandara most days because its just so me, but Améline exudes romance and sophistication, so it's my go-to for an evening out.

PHLUR also has candles and body products, so if you're totally obsessed with your new scent, you can bring it to more aspects of your life. The clean high-quality ingredients really make every scent amazing, so all you have to do is try them to find the one that speaks to you. I'm so glad I did; PHLUR has given me a boost of confidence in the morning when I put it on. No matter how many curveballs the day throws at me, I still know I'm going to feel like me.

Start Sampling: Our friends at Phlur are extending a special offer for our readers. Follow this link to pick your three scents for only $18 (+ shipping is free)!

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