5 Reasons To Own a Silk Pillowcase ASAP

Silk pillowcases are no longer a luxury, they're a key ingredient in your beauty regimen. There are tons of benefits to sleeping on silk. Firstly, you feel like a princess and the cooling fabric helps foster a super relaxing sleep. But that's only scratching the surface. Check out what else these miracle pillows do:

1. They protect you from wrinkles

Not only does the silk fabric help your face retain its natural moisture to protect from dehydration, but it may also protect against fine lines and other signs of aging by providing a smoother base for your face when you sleep. Insider's Holly Smith swears by it. "During my month of using a silk pillowcase, I definitely felt like my wrinkles were less pronounced, especially around my eyes and mouth," she writes.

2. They prevent bad hair days

Forget bedhead. With a silk pillowcase, your hair is way less likely to get tangled as you toss and turn. That means reduced frizz and knots in the morning. "Silk pillowcases work wonders for all kinds of hair types and textures as they keep the cuticle layer of the hair intact," hairstylist Jen Atkin tells WellandGood.

3. They're acne-fighters

Cotton pillowcases are more likely to trap soil and other unwelcome particles build-up in the fibers over time. Rubbing your face against a dirty cloth night after night might be the reason you sometimes wake up with teen-style zits as a grown-ass woman. "Hair products can contain harsh ingredients and can be oil or silicone based, all of which can cause inflammation and breakouts," skin expert Laura Dyer tells Verily. Silk actually protects your face from absorbing all that gunk you left in your hair and saturated your pillow with.

4. They're good for your insides too

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase reduces your exposure to unwanted chemicals as you sleep. While many pillowcases on the market are produced with synthetic fabrics and chemical processes, silk is made au natural from domesticated silkworms raised in captivity and protected from exposure to toxins. But wait, there's more: it's hypoallergenic too. "Some of silk's hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, and mold, in addition to many other allergens," according to the blog Lovasilk.

5. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors

We are in the golden age of silk pillows. There are so many options on the market right now, with cases ranging from $19 to $80 depending on what you're looking for. Some specialize in anti-aging protection, while others boast colorful designs and ultra-cooling effects.

Check out all the silk pillowcases of your dreams here.

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