SK-II Gave Me the Bridal Glow I Was After

A few months before my wedding and I had almost accomplished all of my goals to look my best on the big day: 4 days per week at the gym, a beautiful dress that fit perfectly, and a healthy diet that kept me feeling great. There was just one problem—my skin. I have always struggled with chronic dryness and redness, and despite eating right, exercising, and a few facials, I couldn't get the balanced tone and dewy glow I wanted. This was totally not how I wanted to look walking down the aisle! When a colleague who recently got married told me she religiously uses skin care products from the Japanese beauty brand SK-II, I took one look at her skin and decided to give it a shot.

After reading up on the brand and their bestseller, the Facial Treatment Essence, I decided to take the plunge. The product is 90% made up of their signature ingredient, PITERA™, which was something I had never heard of. I learned from their site that PITERA™ is a water-like liquid that is chock-full of amino acids, minerals, and nutrients that the skin needs. What makes it especially great for skin is that it doesn't just smooth, clear up, and even out your skin tone, it actually rejuvenates and restores it for a glow that'll last beyond even a special event.

The first night of trying my Facial Treatment Essence, I noticed that it was way lighter than the heavy creams I was used to. Because the essence is so light, it absorbs much quicker into the skin. For the next week, I used it morning and night, after cleaning and before moisturizing. It was towards the end of that first week that I started seeing some results: my skin looked more hydrated, especially around my cheeks and nose where I get the most redness. I also loved the way my skin felt: super soft without being too sensitive, which was a huge change since most products end up irritating my skin. Even my fiancé, who always says I don't need to change a thing for the wedding, commented on how much my skin was glowing.

From someone who has literally tried it all, by the time I was getting ready for my wedding, I felt as though I'd come across a miracle. I didn't have to worry about covering up redness with extra makeup or about my concealer looking cakey because of dry skin. It completely revitalized the way my skin looked and felt--and based on the reactions I got from my friends and family at the wedding, I wasn't the only one who noticed the difference. I'll let my husband believe that the glow was all because of him, but I know that it's all thanks to SK-II. Needless to say, it's the new staple in my skin care routine and will definitely be the first thing I pack for my honeymoon.

Need some PITERA™ magic in your skin routine? Check out the PITERA™ Essence Set, which includes the Facial Treatment Essence plus 2 complimentary freebies (a toner and mask)!

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