The Sulfur Body Mask That Will Save Your Skin

In certain beautiful, far away places, there are sulfuric baths that (according to sources i'm not proud of perusing … like G**P) detox your skin and can allegedly heal your body from various wounds and ailments.

Sulfuric mud baths are supposed to be life changing. They're mostly formed from volcanic ash and residue, forming a mineral rich and complex mud which profess healing and beauty and all that. There are some in the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in Costa Rica, St. Lucia, and Vulcano in Italy — but there are only so many volcanoes, so the selection is limited.

And while, par for the course, I have photos from the Instagram geotags saved in my "Want to Go" bookmark, said pictures have been sitting there for years … and I have made no moves to go to any of said mud baths.

Enter: the Clearing Clay from Soft Services.

Soft Services is a brand that launched earlier this year after intense product research to develop products for your body that actually work. Their products blend the effectiveness of medical body acne treatments with the easy, fun-to-use aesthetics of a brand that speaks to the Instagram era.

According to their website: "Soft Services makes products, guides, and digital tools to help people who are looking for solutions to their body skin concerns … More than a brand or a company that makes things, we consider what we do a service."

Goodbye body acne, goodbye Keratosis pilaris (the rough textured skin often found on your arms and legs also known as KP or chicken skin) and goodbye to uneven skin tone.

Their first round of products, the Soft Services Smoothing Set, worked wonders. The star product, the Buffing Bar, is a physical exfoliant for your body like no other. Instead of the vague promises of sugar scrubs and coffee-based mixtures, this condensed bar of microcrystals did exactly what it promised: give me baby soft skin. Combined with the lactic acid-based solution and the carea cream, the original Soft Services set is definitely a smooth skin staple.

Their latest set, the Clearing Duo, targets, eliminates, and prevents breakouts. The highly effective formula blends promise to keep your skin clear by eliminating the bacteria left behind for working out, sweating, tight clothing, and more.

The Clearing Clay is my current proxy for the volcanic sulfur pools of my traveling vacation daydreams. The sulfur body mask is a quick drying treatment which clears out your skin and extracts impurities from your skin. With 10% sulfur, the potent product pulls all the pore clogging oils from your skin to prevent and minimize breakouts.

And unlike a sulfuric bath — you don't have to totally submerge your body in pungent volcanic ash to reap the benefits. The smell of the famously odorous ingredient is (thankfully) minimized in the Clearing Clay. Other ingredients like Aloe and Arnica Montana Flower Extract make it

The set also comes with the Clearing Mist. The innovative spray neutralizes breakouts like a spray bottle of the Paula's Choice BHA lotion for your body.

The products are also extremely versatile. They can be used as quick, daily treatments or as part of an elaborate self care routine combined with your face masks and hair masks — so go wild.

Overall, the set is the answer to your body care woes. Whether you want a full body detox treatment without the plane ticket, or you want to spot treat specific problem areas, Soft Services is proving themselves the best resource for body care.

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