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This year has been crazy, and now that the holidays are coming up, I thought it was time to finally do something for myself, as a gift from me, to me.

The holiday season is usually my chance to indulge in every type of pie imaginable, but I always regret it afterward. This time, I'm looking to get healthier for the new year.

But cooking and prepping healthy meals isn't my forte, so I was looking for a meal plan that was healthy but also simple and convenient.

I was browsing online when I came across Splendid Spoon. It seemed like exactly what I was looking for-- healthy and hearty at the same time. Splendid Spoon offers plant-based smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and noodle bowls. I always crave hearty meals in the wintertime, so this seemed perfect.

Browsing the site I was impressed at the amazing flavors; they have over 50 options to choose from! The Green Curry Noodles looked like something I'd love, and the Dragon Fruit Berry Smoothie caught my eye.

Splendid Spoon's meals are packed with superfoods, and they're vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. They're definitely healthy, but I was worried about the prep involved since I'm not the best in the kitchen. I saw that Splendid Spoon's smoothies come ready-to-drink, and their soups and bowls just need to be heated in the microwave. Bonus! This would save me so much time.

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I signed up for the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset plan, which 5 smoothies, 5 soup & grain bowls, 5 noodles, 5 light soups would be delivered to my door every week.

Splendid Spoon's plans are flexible - I can pause or skip at any time, so I figured I may as well try it out. Plus, if I didn't feel like eating my meals that week, I can keep them in the freezer for up to a month.

My first delivery arrived in a few days and I put them straight into the fridge. It was great seeing my fridge was stocked with wholesome meals without going to the grocery store or doing any prep!

First, I tried the Mango Guava Smoothie for breakfast - I loved it. I was surprised that it was so flavorful without containing any processed sugar. It has exotic superfood ingredients like camu camu which is an antioxidant, flax seeds which are good for liver health, and guava which is a great source of vitamin C. It kept me full all the way to lunchtime.

Their soups and bowls didn't disappoint either. The Kale Pesto Noodles were so tasty and filling, and the Mexican Tomato Bowl was a great healthy replacement for the burrito I usually order. Their soups are the perfect winter comfort food - The Cumin Sweet Potato was my favorite.

The first week went so well that I knew it would be something I'd be keeping up with.

Now I've been subscribed to Splendid Spoon for a few weeks and it really has made my routine so much healthier. My weekday meals are always taken care of and I feel better indulging a bit more on the weekend.

I'm so glad I treated myself to a Splendid Spoon subscription. If you'd like to improve your health and wellness or get into a healthier routine, I'd highly recommend Splendid Spoon. I have more energy day to day now, and it has saved me time, too.

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