The Game-Changing Meal Subscription Service You Should Know About

I'm ecstatic with my recent work promotion. I love what I do now. The only thing is, my schedule's crazy busy and completely unpredictable. This means less time for luxuries – no more sleeping in till 8 am (ah, those were the days), or cooking up my favorite healthy meals. So, I got into the shameful habit of getting takeout most weeknights.

I wanted to make a change, so I bought into the whole meal kit trend, thinking it would help me eat healthier. But to my surprise, the boxes were just an added stress to my life. Even though they provided the ingredients, I was always way too tired to prepare and cook dinner. So I left the box sitting there, reminding me of my unhealthy lifestyle. Feeling guilty, I decided to make serious dietary changes or I'd burn out.

That's when a co-worker told me about Splendid Spoon, a simple subscription service that sends you superfood-packed soups and smoothies. I was skeptical at first that I wouldn't have time to make them, or that it wouldn't fill me up. But when I heard every meal comes ready to eat – you just microwave the soup, and the smoothies arrive ready to drink – I decided I'd try it!

Here are the main reasons why meal kits didn't work for me, and how Splendid Spoon brought convenience and health into my diet.

Limited time to use the ingredients

When signing up for a meal kit, they expect you to know which days and times are convenient for delivery. The answer is none! My schedule is so sporadic, between happy hours with clients and networking events, I can't predict day-to-day calendar conflicts, let alone a week in advance. The fresh produce in meal kits go bad so quickly, and I hate throwing food in the garbage if I don't get around to cooking it. Splendid Spoon arrives chilled in their sealed packs, ready to pop in the fridge. Plus, if you're super busy, their soups last up to a month in the freezer! All of the superfood ingredients mean that I'm getting all of the goodness and none of the waste!

Healthy? It's debatable

Meal kits are supposed to be healthy and all, but they're designed to ship across the country. I mean, think about it, they're probably packed with preservatives. Not to mention chemicals, sugar, and loads of salt. Splendid Spoon's soups and smoothies are vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free. The smoothies are designed to boost your nutritional intake, kickstart your metabolism and satisfy hunger. I feel healthier and more energized now. Plus, their flavors are delicious. My favorite is the Strawberry Goji smoothie (Mmmm…).

Not all ingredients are edible

The (few) times I was able to cook my meal kit, there was always a rotten vegetable in the box! Once, the box was missing a vital sauce - so that night's dinner was completely ruined. Splendid Spoon's soups and smoothies have the freshest, most natural ingredients. They do the meal planning and prep, so all I have to do is enjoy!

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No portion control

Although meal kits provided ingredients and detailed recipes, I still had to measure and chop and cook and then clean up. Plus, I could never get the portion size right when every meal made 2 dinners. But Splendid Spoon's soups and smoothies are pre-portioned. The portions are perfect, so I no longer worry about eating too much or wasting food. For the curious, all nutritional information printed on the back.

Having a set time for meals isn't real life

I no longer eat on schedule – when I'm hungry, I eat. When you can't plan or prep your meals, these kits aren't the most practical. With Splendid Spoon there's basically no prep, so all my meals are ready-to-eat. No more greasy and caloric take out. Plus I can grab a smoothie while rushing out the door in the morning.

Not only that, there are so many meals to choose from – over 40! – Moroccan Lentil, Mexican Tomato, and Chickpea Harissa Tahini, to name a few. Plus it's super flexible, you can change which ones you get whenever.

I regret falling into the meal kit trap. I was promised convenience - Instead, I got duped. But Splendid Spoon is a game-changer. It's true, not only is it convenient, it's nutritious, too. Wish your diet was healthier but don't have the time for meal prep? Time to try Splendid Spoon and make it happen.

Update: The folks at Splendid Spoon are extending a special offer to our readers! For a limited time get $15 OFF the most popular plans!

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