Everything You Need To Know About Spot & Tango’s Dog Food

Our pups are truly part of our families and they deserve the best. At first glance, it may seem like the store-bought dog food is the way to go … but it's not. In fact, when you take a closer look at the bag you'll see just how bad it really is for them.

Your average pet store food has been shown to be packed full of artificial flavors, synthetic vitamins, and other ingredients that you definitely don't want in there (roadkill, feathers, even tumors). While your pup may or may not devour their dinner, it's not the best nutrition-wise and for an ultimately happy dog, you need healthy food. That's where Spot & Tango comes in.

Spot & Tango is redefining healthy dog food, with food made with your pup in mind. Thinking about making the switch? Here are all the answers to your most pressing questions:

What makes Spot & Tango different?

Spot & Tango makes dog food that is personalized to your dog - no more one-size fits all approach. They're putting your dog's specific needs first and doing it all with healthy ingredients in both their wet and dry foods while also using flavors every dog will love.

What do they offer?

They've got both wet and dry food options: Original Fresh and UnKibble. Both are personalized to your pup's health needs and come in a variety of flavors. For Original Fresh, they've got Turkey & Red Quinoa, Beef & Millet, and Lamb & Brown Rice - all containing human-grade ingredients (yes, that means you could eat it too!).

For UnKibble the recipes are Beef & Barley and Chicken & Brown Rice. The real standout here is that, unlike traditional kibble, UnKibble is not extruded and contains no powdered mystery meats or meat meals. It's also gently dried by Spot & Tango's Fresh Dry™ process to keep its nutritional value high.

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What kind of ingredients do they use?

Spot & Tango only uses the best ingredients for your pup. That means they only use whole ingredients from farms and their recipes contain no artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives.

You can trust them with your dog's nutrition as their recipes are all up to AAFCO's nutritional standards. Plus, rest easy knowing their food is also free of hormones and GMOs.

How do they know what my dog needs?

Just like humans, every dog is unique and has different nutritional needs. Spot & Tango gets that and they've made their food completely personalized to your dog with the help of a simple quiz. Answer questions about your pup's age, weight, breed, and activity level to get a recipe recommendation and serving size. They even take into consideration any medical issues.

Their recipes meet or exceed the standards set by AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, so as your pup grows Spot & Tango will be there to adjust to their needs. It's truly the best way to guarantee you're meeting all your dog's nutritional needs in the tastiest way possible.

How does the subscription work?

Spot & Tango's subscription is a life-saver for any Dog Mom or Dad. No more lugging heavy bags of food home or running low and having to run out and get more. Simply, subscribe to get Spot & Tango delivered to your door and pause your orders anytime.

They've also got a two-week trial so you can see how your pup likes it and if not the Happy Pup Guarantee makes it easy to get your money back.

Spot & Tango is truly the way to go for your dog's food. It's fresh, tasty, and totally safe!

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