Spring Fresh: Don't forget to clean this!

The massive task of spring cleaning might seem to take forever, but it leaves a productive and fresh feeling. Floors, the fridge, rugs, and furniture are all normally cleaned. But are you neglecting some spots than need cleaning?

1. Your contacts case

Technically, contact wearers are supposed to get a new contact case every three months. But if you haven't, you need to toss the case. Even if your changing your solution everyday, Bactria can build up in the case making your eyes prone to infections and irritation.

2. Makeup

Makeup brushes need to be washed with either makeup brush cleaner or warm water and dish detergent. Toss out any make up that's expired, even if you have a few good applications left.

3. Pillows

Good for you if you're washing your pillowcases regularly. But are you washing the pillows? Cause they can soak up your dirt, sweat, oil and drool, too. Put pillows in the washer on the gentlest cycle. You can dry pillows with natural fibers in the dryer. Foam and other synthetic material need to air dry.

4. Don't forget the mattresses

After removing you sheets, vacuum your entire mattress. Follow up with a spot cleaning to remove any stains or spots. If you don't have a pillow top mattress, be sure to flip your mattress.

5. Curtains

Curtains are easy to forget about but they're a magnet for mothballs, dirt and dust. Depending on the material, wash curtains in the washer and dryer. More delicate or embroidered fabrics can be hand washed carefully or let the experts at the dry cleaners take care of it.

6. Recess of your closet

Toss your jeans from sophomore year of high school and that extremely unflattering bridesmaid dress in your closet clean out. Don't forget to vacuum or sweep and mop your closet floors, wipe down the shelving units and clean the walls.

7. Tech

The TV, remotes, the smart thermostat, printer, laptop, the AI—those all need to be thoroughly wiped down to kill any germs living on it. Since you use most tech items daily, it can be a meeting spot for bacteria. Spring is a good time to recycle or donate wires and old gadgets that have been taking up space.

8. Ceilings

Most people aren't walking around staring at their ceilings. Charlotte could be weaving her web in a corner and you might not even know it. Make your own cleaning solution with one cup of water, a couple drops of liquid detergent and two tablespoons of vinegar. Spray the ceiling and wipe with a damp paint roller. Nifty, huh?

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