How Starlight Children's Foundation Is Bringing Happiness To Millions

No one deserves to spend an extensive period of time in the hospital, especially not children.

Every 30 seconds, a child is diagnosed with a serious illness or injury, and life as they know it changes dramatically. Days playing outside with friends are replaced with long hospital stays, and sadly, the amount of fun they can have is greatly restricted while in a hospital bed.

While they are receiving the care that they need, it is vital that they keep some sense of normalcy, and have fun whenever they can, just as all kids should. Hospitals do their best but oftentimes rely on charities to help make their environment more kid-friendly. Starlight Children's Foundation, a not-for-profit, is leading that charge. Founded in 1982, Starlight's mission is simple - help bring fun and activities to sick and seriously ill kids.

Since their founding, Starlight has brought smiles to over 16 million children's faces, and they now work with over 800 hospital partners. They bring innovative and inspiring programs like virtual reality games, specially designed Nintendo games ( easily cleaned and perfect for hospitals), colorful hospital gowns, and other fun activities to hospitals all over the country to brighten up the days of those who need it most.

As well as delivering fun, Starlight Children's Foundation has also transformed over 100 spaces in hospitals to be more kid-friendly and fun-focused.

"Starlight goes above and beyond to meet the needs of kids and families. Each child is left to feel like the center of attention with the use of the programs. They forget they are in a hospital and instead feel catered to and spoiled." - Dorinda Hock, Director of Maternal Child Health, Anaheim Global Medical Center

"These gowns bring smiles and as a parent walking this walk, I can't begin to tell you how valuable a smile is on my child's face and mine especially during our darkest of times. " - Kelly, Mom of Starlight Kid

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Bringing Happiness To Millions Of Sick Kids
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"I saw first-hand the impact that moments of happiness and normalcy can have on a seriously ill child and their family. It made me truly appreciate the health of my children and the importance of the time I get to enjoy with them playing and laughing." - Adam, Starlight CEO

"We always say that just because you don't feel good, doesn't mean you can't look good! These gowns take away all the scary tubes and wires and needles and she can focus on the fun bright colors!" - Laurie, Mom of Starlight Kid

"Now, we realize the importance of distraction therapy in children, and how cognitive and behavioral interventions can help not only reduce perceived pain but also the time in the hospital. When the Starlight Gaming Console came in, my reaction changed from confusion to pure elation. Controller in hand, the horrors around me melted away. The pain lessened to a point where I no longer needed a painkiller drip. The dark thoughts...disappeared." - Scott Spolverino, Former Starlight Kid

There's nothing better than seeing a child smile, especially those who are battling a serious illness. Starlight Children's Foundation is continuing to bring joy to millions, but they rely on the donations they receive to continue their great work. Signing up to be a monthly donor couldn't be easier, and any amount, even $10, makes a lasting impact. Why not sign up to be a donor on behalf of a friend's birthday, or in memory of a loved one you lost? Doing so will help countless children, and their families get through hard times a little more easily.

Follow this link to donate today and deliver happiness to a hospitalized child!

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