Everything You Need To Know About OneSkin's New Bundles

As beauty editors, we’re fascinated by skin care products that claim to be anti-aging. While many brands in the space over-promise and under-deliver, there’s one winner that truly stands out: OneSkin.

OneSkin’s patented peptide, OS-01, was developed over 5+ years by their founding team of longevity scientists with expertise in stem biology, skin regeneration, aging, and bioinformatics.

The OS-01 Senescence Blocking Peptide™ is clinically validated to strengthen skin’s barrier 1 and scientifically proven to improve skin’s epidermal thickness and promote cellular proliferation2.

Basically, OS-01 is scientifically proven to reverse the skin's biological age.3 That’s pretty impressive.

OneSkin has since grown into a fully-fledged skin longevity company, offering a comprehensive range of products for those seeking science-backed skincare. And right now, they’re offering some terrific bundles that you cannot miss out on.

First, let’s take a look at The Best Seller Bundle ($229$199):

This awesome set contains the essentials for the greatest problem areas, OS-01 FACE+OS-01 EYE:

But you’re probably wondering, where is the science? Well, the findings of a 12-week clinical study evaluating OS-01 FACE performed by a third-party Contract Research Organization show that:

  • Users saw an improvement in their skin barrier by an average of 15%1
  • 90% of users saw an improvement in skin elasticity1
  • 95.5% of users saw an improvement in skin evenness, radiance, pores & firmness1
  • 87% of users saw a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles1
  • 100% saw an improvement in skin smoothness and overall appearance1

Not only that, OS-01 EYE is proven to:

  • Reduce cellular aging markers4, so the skin stays healthier and appears younger for longer
  • Support collagen biosynthesis pathways4 and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye
  • Promote hydration, elasticity, and improved barrier function5

Add on OS-01 BODY, and you have the Head-to-Toe Skin Health Trio Bundle for$328$289.

Also powered by the OS-01 peptide, OS-01 BODY increases hydration, improves texture, and boosts barrier function.6

But the bundle that we’re recommending is the Complete Skin Longevity Regimenfor $375 ($429). This bundle contains everything you need — all the products we’ve already mentioned, plus OS-01 PREP and OS-01 SHIELD— to round out your complete routine:

  1. OS-01 PREP
  2. OS-01 EYE
  3. OS-01 FACE
  4. OS-01 SHIELD
  5. OS-01 BODY

The very first step in your OneSkin ritual is OS-01 PREP. This cleanser gently sweeps away impurities like dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells that can prevent products from penetrating the skin. The formula preps the skin to absorb up to double of the OS-01 Peptide.7

We all know how damaging UV rays are and how much they contribute to skin photoaging. Simply add a fourth step to your skincare routine — OneSkin’s OS-01 SHIELD Age Reversal™ Mineral Sunscreen. The OS-01 peptide combines powerful and sustainable sun protection with non-nano zinc oxide to help reverse the effects of UV aging. 8

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a scientifically proven skin-longevity routine, we highly recommend OneSkin. Don’t miss out on a great deal and pick yourself up a bundle today.

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1.Shown in a 12-week clinical study performed by a third party research organization with 22 participants, with barrier function measured by a vapometer and other mentioned metrics evaluated bouble-blind expert clinical graders. (Zonari, A., et al. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 2024)

2.Shown in lab studies on human skin samples by measuring epidermal thickness of histology images and analyzing a biomarker associated with cell proliferation, MKI67. Treatment with OS-01 FACE displayed a significant increase in epidermal thickness and MKI67. (Zonari, A., et al. npj Aging, 2023)

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