The Strangest Thing: Millie Bobby Brown Is All Grown Up… And Killing It

How quickly we switch our entire personalities depending on which Netflix show we’re currently bingeing. And it’s never been more prevalent than right now – they cranked out Bridgerton season two right before Stranger Things Vol. 4, so now we must hang up our corset tops and posh accents and move to heinous perms and the Upside Down.

Stranger Things is a constant reminder that time really does fly. The entire cast has grown up at an exponentially fast rate; we’ve literally watched Miss Millie Bobby Brown age into a beautiful young woman right before our very eyes. But why is she younger than me and have it seemingly all together?

From her flawless skin to her inscrutable fashion sense, she simply never misses. Meanwhile, I’m over here struggling to remember the last time I completed my full skincare routine. I can also confirm that at age 18, I was not aware of the correct way to put on eyeliner and certainly couldn’t put together a fashion-forward outfit for the life of me.

I’m sure this happens every generation, but it seems as though people are growing up faster and getting it together way quicker than we did. When I was in middle school, there was absolutely no way I was able to do my makeup and I for sure was wearing a One Direction tee.

I mean, did Millie Bobby Brown even have an awkward stage? She seemingly skipped the phase where you look like you got dressed with your eyes closed and straightened only the front two pieces of your hair. And where’s the Juicy Couture tracksuit?

Have We Discovered Her Secret?

I always see TikToks about how you shouldn’t trust celebrity skincare brands since they typically don’t have a hand in the process – and know little to nothing about said process – so the products are normally trash. However, I had to know about this clean beauty brand Miss Millie created. Maybe the younger generation is better?

When I started looking into florence by mills, I was shocked to find that almost all of her products had no less than a four-star rating. It was clear to me that people weren’t just loving it because they love Millie, her line actually works.

florence by mills offers an entire line of makeup, hair care, and skin care products that are 100% clean and good for your body. No more reading tiny ingredient labels just to find a million words you can’t pronounce.

Eye Spy Two Products You’ll Love

When doing my deep dive into Millie’s brand, I noticed two products that literally everyone was raving about: See You Never Vegan Concealer and Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads. I’ve been on the hunt for undereye products, specifically to de-puff after I cry or cover up my dark circles from never sleeping, so these two products were practically already in my cart.

Keeping your undereyes hydrated is absolutely critical, especially if you notice caking from your makeup in the area. Every single review I read on the eye patches said they felt incredible and had a spa-worthy cucumber scent.

But just wait until you hear about the concealer: this 4+ star bad boy is only four freaking dollars, so if you haven’t already purchased it after reading that, I give up. It’s light and buildable while still remaining hydrating on your skin all day long. That’s some Stranger Things magic.

Their sample kits and gift sets can also help you try out all the range of products from florence by mills. It’s a great way to find the products that work for you without having to buy the full size. Also, I’m a sucker for the cute travel bags that come with them.

Millie Stays Winning

I’m instantly putting my stamp of approval on anything Millie Bobby Brown touches after reviewing florence by mills.

And now, the only thing left to do is binge-watch the latest season of Stranger Things. Imagine a world where we’re all watching the continuation through July with our fabulous florence eye patches on….

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