Take This Quiz To Find Out How To Reach Your Hair Goals

Hair growth is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Thankfully, Vegamour gets it. This vegan, hair wellness brand has a full range of products to address everyone's hair needs.

Our editors have been long-time fans of Vegamour and our favorite products all come from their GRO line:

All these must-haves are made with plant-based formulas to encourage healthier, thicker, and longer hair. It can be hard to know where to start with a range that has so many options, so we've put together a quiz to help you find your right fit:

There's no other brand with formulas that are this safe and clinically proven to work. Unlike brands such as Rogaine that use Minoxidil, you won't find any toxins or hormones with Vegamour. Minoxidil is a harmful chemical that can be accompanied by dangerous side effects including scalp irritation, headaches, and even heart issues. With Vegamour, you get effective hair care and none of the worries.

Vegamour also has an amazing subscribe and save option. Find your hair growth essentials, subscribe, and receive a discount + free shipping on every order. Stay stocked up and on top of your routine.

We highly recommend Vegamour to anyone trying to jumpstart hair growth. Ready to dive in and get a full routine? They even have great value kits to give you a whole system with great savings - all in one go.

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