Hottest Wine Delivery Services To Enjoy This Summer

The one thing I was looking forward to more than anything this summer was having picnics in the park and drinking a nice bottle of wine with my friends. I'll have a glass of wine in the evenings at home, but there's something special about cracking open a cold bottle of chardonnay on a brisk 75 degree day.

These days I am spending much more time at home. I buy all of my groceries online and I've been doing whatever I can to minimize my exposure to public spaces. Several weeks ago, it was a beautiful day and all I wanted to do was sit on my patio and enjoy a glass. Unfortunately, it seemed like everyone in my neighborhood had the same idea—with lines for the liquor store curbing around the block.

I decided that, given the current circumstances, I should try an online wine club. The only problem was how skeptical I felt about it. As I said, I love wine, but I don't want to waste money on expensive wines I might not like. My palette is very particular, and I only enjoy a very select number of beverages (I'm even picky with soda).

While doing my research, my friend Sydney told me about a wine club she uses called Tasting Room. Sydney mentioned that Tasting Room offered the highest level of flexibility out of any wine club. Between personalized shipping times, flavor preferences, and a unique ratings system—Tasting Room was designed exactly for people like me!

I signed up for a subscription and received six mini-bottles of wine about a week later. I was instructed to taste each bottle and record which bottles I liked the best. Right off the bat, I was very happy with how Tasting Room gathered my flavor preferences. While other brands may just ask you to fill out an online survey, Tasting Room asks you to experience their offerings first-hand before sending you full size bottles.

Once I sent back my responses, I received my personalized wine profile detailing the styles and flavors I most preferred. I proceeded to fill out the details for my first shipment, which allowed me to set the schedule and frequency for delivery, the number of bottles per shipment, my preference between white and red wine, and even provided a final preview of my order where I could make any last minute changes.

The most important part of the selection process, however, came after I received my first shipment. My shipment included six bottles, but you can customize your order to add more or less. After trying each bottle, I was instructed to rate them to refine my preferences even more for the next order. I wasn't sure how effective this would be, but after receiving my second order, I can confidently say that Tasting Room sent me some of the best (and most affordable!) wine I've ever had in my life.

In addition to Tasting Room's robust selection process, the wine club is also well regarded for its high-quality wine at super affordable prices. For example, I was able to get a great bottle of wine for $13. How is this possible? Tasting Room works directly with producers to offer quality wines at a price far below retail. Moreover, Tasting Room sources its wine from 10 of the world's most renowned wine-producing countries.

Thanks to Tasting Room, I'm becoming somewhat of a wine expert myself. Every shipment is perfect, right down to the bottle, and even when I have my reservations, they quickly dissipate after a few sips. I used to think that I didn't like wine at all. Now I realize that I wasn't drinking the right wines for me. If you're having a tough time finding your perfect bottle, check out Tasting Room now for your first mini-tasting set.

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