Tattooing freckles is a new beauty trend

Freckles may look cute on kids, and many adults embrace their smattering of "flaws," but generally speaking, you've either got them or you don't. Years of too much time basking in the sun can cause freckling to exacerbate, but sun damage is certainly not the healthiest way to get that speckled look, if that's what you're going for.

Once often considered a skin imperfection to cover up, today's latest trend is for those freckle fans who weren't naturally blessed or sun-kissed with spotting. Some people want to achieve a freckled look, but dotting on tiny specks and flecks with strategically placed eyeliner spots can become time consuming. That's why tattooing permanent freckles is all the rage. According to Oddity Central, "Freckle tattooing is reportedly one of the fastest growing beauty treatments available today."


It may sound crazy, but there's a real demand for this freckle-faced makeup trend, and tattoo artists are answering their call. Using a free hand, a stencil, or by following the person's natural freckle lines, the tattoo artist creates a natural freckled look with a needle and ink.

Seems like a painful way to pigment, but those seeking this look are loving it... at least once the redness and swelling goes down. As per AOL, "In a few months, the ink and swelling is supposed to subside and the freckles will blend in with the natural skin tone." A few months!? The trend could be long gone by then, yet these ladies will be stuck with a polka-dotted face.

Critics are noting that this look is fresh and youthful on younger people, but when inked on an older person, the trend can age them, making it look like they have sun damage.


In an interview with New Beauty, makeup artist Gabrielle Rainbow mentioned that she tried the technique on herself before inking up any of her clients. That's a true commitment to your job! She said, "The 'freckling' is typically completed in one hour-long session, with results lasting up to three years. Depending on the artist, the price starts from the $250 range."

$250 isn't bad compared to how much some women spend on makeup, but they can't wash these flecks off at the end of the day. Like anything, fads come and go, and this one doesn't seem to have sticking power.

What's next? Birthmarks?

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