A Dental Experience Without The Anxiety

I know everybody says this, but I hate the dentist. The whole process from making the appointment to sitting in the awfully lit room and clinical chair is enough to make me avoid it at all costs.

I take OK care of my teeth, but I'm not perfect. I've been going to the same dentist for years, and he's a nice guy, but any time I need a filling I have to listen to a ten-minute lecture on oral care, which just makes the whole experience even worse.

I recently moved a little further downtown, and while scoping out the neighborhood, I stumbled upon a cool looking grey/greenish storefront. From its sleek aesthetic, I thought it was a spa, but after a quick google search, I saw that Tend is actually a dental practice.

It looked cool, but the dentist is the dentist, right? They're all the same. Plus I assumed they only offered cosmetic procedures like over-priced whitening treatments. Still, I was intrigued why this dentist didn't look like something out of a horror movie, so I dug a little deeper on their site.

What really struck me was that even Tend's website has a cool, relaxing vibe. To my surprise, Tend actually offers a full range of dental services, from preventative care, to root canals, adult braces, and even veneers. Plus, I love their "no judgment" mantra.

I was also happy to see that they accept insurance and work with most major providers. But I still wasn't totally convinced that I should switch over from my regular dentist. I've just accepted the fact that I'm always going to absolutely dread the dentist.

Then I read that Tend compensates their dentists differently. Traditional dentists get benchmarked on how many procedures they "sell"- meaning they may suggest something that you don't 100% need. I never knew!

Tend focuses on how many customers come back after their first appointment. Meaning they will never, ever tell you you need a procedure that isn't necessary.

Having lost all faith in my regular dentist (I knew I didn't need that filling!) I decided to make an appointment at one of Tend's NYC locations. Setting up an appointment on their website couldn't have been easier.

All I had to do was select one of their 5 locations, let them know what kind of services I was looking for, and then pick a date and time that works best for me.

They ask you to input your payment information to secure the appointment, but my check-up is covered by my insurance, and even if I ended up owing something after, they never charge your card without letting you know the exact amount and reason first. Tend is super transparent about price; they have an online calculator that will let you know how much it's going to cost before your appointment if you don't have insurance, or your procedure isn't fully covered.

I'll admit, I was still a little anxious on the morning of my first Tend appointment, but the moment I set foot inside the relaxing room, my nerves went away. They have a contactless check-in desk, and they also take your temperature upon arrival, which instantly put me at ease.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies they use, there were no weird noises or smells like my old dentist, and they even have TVs where you can watch Netflix!

The whole experience felt relaxing from start to finish, and everyone I interacted with went out of their way to make sure I was happy and comfortable. I was worried that such a cool, trendy aesthetic would mean the quality of care wouldn't be as good, but my Tend dental professional did an amazing job.

All of their dental professionals are trained by a renowned orthodontist, and mine was so friendly.

I left feeling relaxed and not absolutely dreading the next time I had to go back, which is night and day compared to my past experiences.

I recommended them to my friend who's been wanting to get veneers, and she ended up saving a ton of money than what she was quoted by her regular dentist.

Tend offers everything that a traditional dentist does, but with the added touch of hospitality and a fun, judgment-free zone. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment!

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