I admit it, dinner is the one meal I eat that’s vaguely healthy. I start my day with a breakfast bar and lunch comes from one of the fast food restaurants in the neighborhood where I work. So, dinner is my only chance to get in my healthy greens. But with work and chores, I have no time for meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and washing up. So, I figure that my nightly takeout is completely reasonable.

I was ranting about my awful diet when my work colleagues mentioned Home Chef. I worried that the meals would be too complicated and that the service would be expensive. But everyone in my office seems to have Home Chef, they insisted I give it a try.

And when I checked it out, I was amazed by the glowing 5-Star reviews. It was no surprise to me that Home Chef has the highest rate of customer satisfaction among leading meal kit companies*. That convinced me so I signed up.

I wanted to start off simple with the Cheddar Bacon Turkey Burger — a burger can’t lead to too much of a disaster, right? The recipe card explained exactly how to prepare and cook the patties so putting the meal together was super easy. The apple aioli — made with apple jelly — initially threw me off. But put that together with the crispy bacon — truly awesome! This burger is pure indulgence, so I’ll only make this once a week — promise.

  1. Pork Enchiladas Tostadas