The 5 Sites You Need to Redecorate on a Budget

Are you in the process of moving and looking for some tips to styling your new place? Or maybe you just feel like your current place needs a little facelift to freshen it up? Either way, decorating, or redecorating (as it may be for some) doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive!

While we all love West Elm, CB2, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware - many of us can't afford those pieces, especially when you're looking to re-do an entire space! However, there are definitely a few places that will have all the great looks and styles of the home stores we love, without the hefty price tags.

What I first suggest doing is making a list of all the main pieces you need first - the essentials - and knock those off your list before moving on to small or decorative pieces. Next, go piece by piece and compare the styles and prices of what you love on each of these sites. So for example, if I'm starting with looking for a coffee table, then I'll browse each site and compare my findings to which one has the best deal on this item, and so on and so forth for the others!

Here are the 5 websites I can't live without when it comes to decorating my apartment. Some may seem obvious to you, and others maybe you hadn't heard of or thought of using before. Either way, check them all out below:


One of the things I love about Wayfair is their huge inventory. It's also very easy to navigate through or specify what you're looking for. Also, free shipping!!! Additionally, they have a pretty decent amount of 70% flash sales. So there are plenty of deals to always find!

Joss & Main

Joss & Main is actually a sister site and brand to Wayfair, so they have very similar deals, which is awesome. I find the Joss & Main site to be a little more stylized towards the HGTV obsessed crowd, and those looking to bring some of Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines' (my personal inspiration!) style home with them! Also! Their "Inspiration & Ideas" blog is a fantastic place to look and read for just that - inspiration & ideas!


For some reason, i used to forget about Overstock as an option - nevermore! Their site literally has millions of products to shop from. They constantly have sales going on, and even better, they are always generous with emailing you coupons to use and save on purchases! Deals on deals on deals!


Etsy is the perfect place to shop for beautiful and original pieces on a budget, AND support local artists and artisans! Looking for a stunning reclaimed wood end table with live edges? You can easily find numerous woodworkers using either their site or app and even customize your order through them!


Don't discount good ol' Craigslist! Someone is always selling something awesome locally via Craigslist, and if it's above your price range you can easily shoot the seller a message and see if they'll agree to your price, or find a middle you can both agree upon! People are constantly moving places or relocating for work and having to sell their furniture - and more often than not, you can find some stunning pieces up for sale at any given time. Craigslist might feel obvious, but hey, a deal's a deal and I've definitely found my share of awesome items via CL!

So, now you guys know all my shopping secrets when it comes to decorating your home, and I expect you to tag @seektrueself on Twitter with your awesome new furniture - thanks to yours truly!
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