The 9 Necessary Steps to Achieving That Dewy Goddess Glow

Matte is taking the backseat this summer as everyone tries to do the dew with this increasingly popular glowy makeup look, and if you're ready for a new routine that enhances your natural beauty while leaving your skin feeling fresh and healthy, the dewy look is your knight in shimmery, shining armor. Follow these 9 tips and tricks and you'll glo-up in no time.

1. Start with Clean, Exfoliated Skin

A blank slate is always best - especially when it comes to achieving this fresh faced look. Use an exfoliant the night before you dew it in order to keep your complexion clear and clean and ready to absorb your favorite glow-inducing products.

2. Massage Your Moisturizer


Moisture is key to achieving a dewy look, and experts recommend a hydrating moisturizer in order to prime your skin for the ultimate effect. BUT - make sure you aren't simply slathering it on like butter on bread. Massaging the product into your skin is key.

3. Choose Your Foundation Wisely

"A house must be built on a solid foundation if it is to last." Look for foundations that have words like "dewy" or "luminous" on them if you want to perfect your glowy look.

4. Highlight all the Right Places


A cream highlighter can be your best friend when attempting facial luminosity, but it's crucial that you only use it where it's needed! Try dabbing a little on the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones in order to look glowy, not greasy.

5. Invest in a Skin Salve

Skin salves are a quick and easy way to achieve instant dewification. They are also a great way to seal in your skin's moisture so that your luminant look doesn't fade out early. (Here is one of our favorites!)

6. Or Don't - Petroleum Jelly is the OG Skin Salve That You Probably Already Have!


S/O to Vaseline.

7. Mix in the Mattes

One of the easiest ways to maximize and intensify your shiny new beauty routine is to contrast it with matte powders and lipsticks! Use powder on the areas of your face that you didn't highlight in order to offset the shine and create a more dramatic effect.

8. Use a Dewy Setting Spray


You wouldn't spend an hour on your hair and then skip the hairspray, and your makeup should be no different. The extra moisture that a spritz of setting spray can offer will give your face a quick boost and help to keep your masterpiece in place. (Pro Tip - Keep an extra bottle of setting spray in your purse for those moments when your skin feels a little dull.)

9. Stay Hydrated!


Don't be thirsty. Luminous skin starts at the source, and keeping hydrated is beneficial not only to achieving this popular look, but to your overall health as well. And no, wine doesn't count.

Now you dew you, girl!

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