The Best French Films That Will Make You Say, Oh Là Là

Ah, France. It's known for its Camembert, its Côtes du Rhône, and its sense of humor. French culture is especially manifest in its films. Even if you don't know French, you'll appreciate these juicy, cheesy, and melodramatic classics. When we need a little culture in our lives, these films do the trick.

1. L' Auberge Espagnole (2002)

French is not the only language spoken in this hilarious international extravaganza. Xavier, a French man, travels to Spain and meets a whole crew of vibrant characters.

2. Casse-Tête Chinoise (2013)

This is the third in the Xavier series, and follows him as he's 40, married, and moving to New York. Talk about awkward. Roman Duris is a gem.

3. Molière (2007)

If you couldn't get enough of Roman Duris, check him out as the kooky 17th century playwright, Molière.

4. Intouchables (2011)

At times hilarious and heartwarming, this story is about what happens when a man from the projects gets a chance to care for an aristocrat.

5. Amélie (2001)

It's a quirky story about a quirky girl in Paris who can't really be explained. Amazing soundtrack, though.

6. La Haine (1995)

An intense look into the lives of three men from the banlieues, and how their lives are affected by police violence.

7. Être et Avoir (2002)

In this French countryside, there's one school that teaches ages 4-11. Meet the amazing teacher behind it all in this inspiring documentary.

8. La Vie d'Adèle (2013)

Otherwise known as Blue is the Warmest Color, this film is a stunning and innovative portrait of adolescent love.

9. The Artist (2011)

Well, it's actually a silent film, but you know, it's French. And delightful.

10. Au Revoir les Enfants (1987)

It's war time, and two roommates at a boarding school share a dangerous secret.

11. Caché (2005)

Are you being watched? If you're at all paranoid, don't watch this film.

12. La Règle du Jeu (1939)

How do you operate in bourgeois society? This movie will tell you the rules of the game.

13. Les Beaux Gosses (2009)

Talk about awkward adolescence. Riad Sattouf is the master of it.

14. Les Choristes (2004)

A heartwarming film about a group of rowdy schoolboys that learn to calm down through music.

15. Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis (2008)

This is what it feels like to be displaced. And it's pretty funny.

The French know what they're doing when it comes to a lot of things -- especially the cinema. We hope you enjoy our French favorites and add some oh là là to your life.

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