The Best Hair Dyes for Dark Hair

It's that time of year again — you've gone through a life crisis, and you're feeling an itch to dye your hair. Only one problem: You have dark hair... and you don't feel like bleaching your hair into oblivion again.

Unfortunately, if you're dark haired, unless you're willing to go the bleaching route, your options are rather limited. But they're not completely limited. With the help of a good-quality dye and some helpful hair care products like the ones from Color Wow, you too can change your look and proclaim your individuality to your heart's content.

Here are some different shades to try if you're looking to dye your dark hair without bleach.

1. Jet Black

Jet black hair\u200b

Jet black hair


Jet black hair makes a statement. And unless your hair is already pitch black, you should be able to achieve a new look with some black hair dye.

2. Indigo

\u200bIndigo hair dye

Indigo hair dye


Henna-based indigo hair dyes can make dark hair darker while adding a phosphorescent blue sheen. These pure indigo hair dyes from Henna Hair Lab are all-natural and excellent ways to get a new look, all thanks to one of the oldest dyes in the world.

3. Ruby Red



Marie Claire

Red hair makes a statement, and while you might not be able to get a Hayley Williams fiery-red shade with out some bleach, you have a good shot at getting some red tones in with a good quality dye. Dark and Lovely makes an especially powerful dye that's supposedly effective for even the darkest hair out there.

And once you've dyed your hair, be sure to check out Color Wow, which sells professional, carefully designed hair products that are designed to preserve your hair's natural shine while enhancing color. Their Sun, Sea + Pool kit, for example, is perfect for preserving your hair's vitality when you're hitting the waves, and the Quick Frizz Fixes kit will make sure your hair is shimmering with luscious health from dawn til dusk. Happy dyeing!

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